10 Free & Organic Ways to Increase Traffic to your Site

Any success of a website first starts with traffic. But with so much competition out there, how can you ensure your site stands out from the pack? Maybe you don’t have a huge budget to get your website out there, or aren’t cut out for the fight to the top of Google – that’s fine! One huge part of gaining traffic to your site is DIYing your own PR and marketing efforts. We’ve come up with 10 free and organic ways to increase traffic to your website that you can start implementing straight away.

1: Utilise Pinterest.

Pinterest isn’t just for travel and baking. Pinterest is gaining momentum as a search engine and the sooner you get on board, the better! And its not just a female audience – 40% of new signups are men, which means Pinterest is a great avenue to source traffic on all sorts of topic areas.

2. Start a blog on your site.

Providing quality content for your audience is the number one way to find people that are interested in your business. It’s called content marketing, and it’s a big deal. If you need more convincing, check out our post on 10 reasons why your business should start a blog.

3. Set about to appeal to a niche.

With such a saturated market, the sooner you appeal to a specific audience, the better. If you’re a local business, that is a great start! People are looking for personalised solutions and niching down is a great way to appeal to them.

4. Focus on creating long-tail keywords for your content.

If you want any chance of showing up on Google, long-tail keywords are the way to go. This means getting specific. There’s not a lot of chance you’ll beat out the big sites with keywords like ‘how to start a business’. Aim for specificity – ‘how to start a yoga business on a budget’ is better. Yes, there’s less traffic searching for the latter option. But if you’ve got 1% chance appearing on the first search and 80% chance of appearing on the second – It makes more sense to chase that audience! Opt to rank for long-tail keywords, and use a system like SEMrush to find out what people in your niche are searching for.

5. Join online communities that are based around your area of expertise.

Facebook groups and reddit forums are a great way to interact with a community interested in the same area as you are. You might even get the chance to share valuable links to your site where they fit! If you can situate yourself as an authority in the group, do so! Help others out and stick around long-term to provide value.

6. Make sure you’ve set up social media pages for your site.

Twitter, Instagram and Facebook are all amazing free tools to help with traffic. Twenty years ago, there wasn’t a chance of being able access such an audience for free. Social Media is a great tool for your business if you’re willing to put some work in.

That doesn’t mean you have to join everything – figure out what will work for you. If your business is visual, such as a florist, baker or personal trainer, Instagram is a great tool. However Instagram may not work for all businesses – accountants and other more office-run businesses may find better results from Twitter or Facebook. Think about how you can best serve your audience by providing value through content and community.

7. Collab!

Find a complimentary business around your industry and feed off each other’s community. This could include running an event together, working together or featuring each other in your circles. Examples could be a florist that recommends a list of other reliable wedding services such as event hire or photographers. Hairdressers & makeup artists could run a workshop together. Bloggers can guest post. The list is endless! Be creative and reach out to others. Collaborations will almost always have mutual benefits.

Providing quality content is a great plan to attract people who are interested in your business | Newcastle Creative Co
8. Write headlines that invoke action.

How you phrase your heading can make all the difference in enticing a possible visitor. It’s proven that certain headline styles are more effective in getting click-throughs. Think about writing headings that involve a how-to, a list, or tell the reader exactly what they’ll get out of reading your page, straight up. For example, ‘find out how to xyz,’ or ’10 ways to make abc’.

9. Email Marketing.

If you have an email list already from your business, email marketing is an easy way to point people who are already interested in what you do to your site. Prompt these people to share it to their networks. Similarly, start building your list from your website to capture potential customers’ details. 

10. Don’t forget to create internal links!

No web page should be an island! Make sure your users know what action to take once they’ve finished on your page. Maybe the next step is to read another blog post, or point them to your bookings page. Adding a few internal links can decrease your bounce rate and multiply your page views, just by making sure your users don’t click away.

Have you tried all of these ways to increase traffic to your site yet? No matter what your website is, the beautiful thing about the internet is that there’s always opportunity for growth! Try a few of the above ideas and track your changes. If you find some that work great for you, keep at it. There’s nothing like exponential growth to warm the heart of a business owner. You got this!

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