10 Ways that Blogging can Benefit your Business

Blogging for business – have you got onboard? It’s such a simple way to grow your business and brand! Blogging enables you to share what you already know on your own platform. There’s so many ways that blogging can benefit your business, that are backed up by amazing statistics. Here’s our top ten:

1. Two words: Content Marketing.

Providing quality, valuable content for your customers is a soft approach to stimulate interest in your brand or product without a hard sell. It’s also a great way to reach ‘warm’ customers that are interested in what you do. In today’s world, customers are more wary than ever about the sales pitch. Any whiff of a money-hungry business on the other side of the screen is a massive turn off! By blogging, you provide valuable content for an audience that can lead to customers and sales, as you show off your expertise.

2. Blogging shows you’re an authority.

By blogging about what you know, your business can show off its expertise! You can become the place people turn to, to ask questions and find valuable and trusted information in your field. For example, a physiotherapy clinic can blog about stretches for back pain, the best walking tracks in their local area or how to correctly warm up to prevent injuries. As people consume this valuable content, your position as an industry leader is solidified and they naturally turn to your business when they need it.

3. Blogging provides alternate leads to your website than just your SERP position, and increases your traffic.

Maybe you’re a local business with tough Google ranking competition. Getting into the nitty gritty of SEO can be hard to crack without a pro on your side, or without paying lots of money for the top spot. When you blog, this content can be shared across multiple platforms where your audience hang out: Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter and Reddit just to name a few! When you produce quality content that people want to read, not only will traffic to your site increase, but the more your content is shared the more your hits will rise. The more blog articles you write, the more opportunity there is for people to land on your site.

4. Websites with blogs have a 434% chance of being ranked higher on Google (source).

Speaking of SEO, Google loves content! Blog posts are a great opportunity to include relevant keywords from your industry on your site without resorting to keyword stuffing (Google frowns upon this anyway). Getting traffic on your blog also signals to Google that people are interested in viewing your website, and this also contributes to a better search-result page ranking.

5. Blogging creates trust with an audience.

If your business is online, a huge hurdle to overcome is a lack of trust with users. Providing valuable information to users is a step towards showing them you care about more than just their money! It’s also shown that buyers generally consume 3-5 pieces of content before making a purchase (source). Want to increase your trust, which in turn increases sales? Get blogging! Read other ways to make your website more trustworthy here

6. Marketers have found blogging to be more time and cost effective than traditional marketing and advertising methods.

Advertising is a tough slog. Not only is it a less effective way to get leads and sales, but the costs for traditional media advertising such as TV and newspaper ads can be through the roof! Imagine getting more leads from dedicating a few hours each week to writing a few blog posts. Or, take a usual ad spend and apply it to content marketing: get a pro to write your blog posts and see your traffic rise!

7. A single blog post can generate traffic and leads indefinitely.

The lifespan of a blog post can be days, months and even years! The popularity of a great blog post will compound with time, as hits and shares for an evergreen post will exponentially grow. Compare this to traditional media: A 30-second TV ad that is instantly forgotten, or a small space in a newspaper, that is replaced by another ad within a week (or even a day)! You do the math on this one – I know which one I’d choose!

Businesses that blog gain twice as much traffic from their email marketing than those that don't | Newcastle Creative Co
8. Businesses that blog get double the traffic from their email marketing efforts, compared to businesses that don’t blog (source).

If you’re looking to boost the effectiveness of your email marketing, look no further than including a blog. Repurposing your blog content into your email marketing strategy will prove to be invaluable to your customers. People are more likely to open an email that provides valuable information, rather than a straight sales pitch.

9. Similarly to #8, blog content can be repurposed multiple times.

If traditional media ads are one-hit-wonders, blog content is as evergreen as Michael Jackson – played on the radio and at every party or gathering, long after he’s gone. Your blog content can be used in so many different ways, from creating Pinnable images for Pinterest, ‘Tweet’able quotes, shared to Facebook and Instagram, added into email marketing, used in the newsletter or even formed into a mini-series or free course. All these aspects create ways for potential customers to interact with your business.

10. Over 60% of US online consumers have made purchases based on blog content recommendations (source).

The proof is in the pudding! Over half of consumers look to blogs as a trusted authority, to make their purchasing decisions. If you’re looking to have any kind of influence over your audience, start a blog!

By now you must be all but convinced on the benefits a blog can have on your business. Speak to your web developer about adding in a blog page, and get writing! It’s free, you can start now and there’s no reason why you can’t see results straight away.

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