7 Reasons Why Your Website Is Your Best Marketing Tool

Before Newcastle Creative Co. I worked in the travel industry for over 4 years. And during that time I saw travel agencies pay for regular spots on TV, on the radio, and in local newspapers

Today, the world is very different. And it seems like there’s an unending list of options when it comes to marketing.

Here is a short list of ways you or your business can gain exposure today:

  • Social media
  • Content marketing
  • Email
  • Text messaging
  • Direct mail
  • Radio
  • Mobile app
  • Television
  • Printed materials
  • And more…

And yet, despite the myriad of options available to the modern business, there is one channel that stands above them all…your website.

Your website is your most important marketing tool. By far.

Keep reading to see the 7 reasons why this is true.

The Website Homepage Formula

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1. Discovery happens online

Think about it… When we want a question answered or need recommendations for the best Chinese take-out in town, where do we go? We head online of course.

Not too long ago, I was in the market for a therapist. Where did I go? Online. I pulled out my phone, I searched for counsellors in my local area, I read reviews, I visited websites, and I eventually booked an appointment online. I’ve been with that counsellor ever since.

97% of consumers search for local organizations online

Most of us use local search for discovery purposes on a weekly basis – if not daily. But it’s not just you and I – it’s everybody:

  • 97% of consumers search for local organizations online1
  • 46% of all searches on Google are local2
  • 89% of surveyed participants admitted to searching for a local business on their smartphone once a week or more with 58% searching at least daily3

What makes your website your most important marketing tool?

Simply stated, if you want your business to be discovered by an individual in your local area, more often than not that discovery process is going to take place online.

2. 100% controlled by you

Facebook introduced a new algorithm in 2018 that throttles the organic reach of businesses, brands, and media pages – this includes you.

Here’s the thing: Facebook is still the most important social media platform for most businesses, but we have no control over the changes Facebook decides to make. Each of us is at the mercy of Mark Zuckerberg and company and any changes they decide to implement.

And it’s not just Facebook. A recent demonetization update from YouTube has put millions of YouTube channels in a perilous situation – essentially turning off their ability to earn money through ads on their videos.

To make a point, every major social platform has made algorithmic updates or feature changes at one point or another without consulting you or I. Why? Because when you are in control of a platform, you get to make the decisions.

Every business needs an online platform where they are in complete control – and only a website can offer that assurance

With its recent changes, Facebook has forced every business and brand to reassess how it publishes and promotes content on Facebook. YouTube has done the same with their platform. For many, this means starting all over again and building a new strategy from the ground up.

This is just another reason why a website is your business’ most important marketing tool: your website is 100% owned and controlled by you.

Every business needs an online platform where they are in complete control, and only a website can offer that assurance.

The Website Homepage Formula

Want to know how to make great first impressions. Check out our free 11-part website homepage formula…

3. First impressions happen only once

Here’s a scary thought…it only takes about 50 milliseconds (that’s 0.05 seconds) for users to form an opinion about your website – and thus, form an opinion about your business.4

Google conducted a similar study and according to their research, opinions can develop even faster – within 17 milliseconds.

How people perceive your business’ website is how many will perceive your entire business as a whole

Knowing that the vast majority of people who discover your business will discover you online, it’s important to recognize that first impressions of your business are being made every single day. And these first impressions are being made on your business’ website.

That’s not all: once a first impression is made, it usually sticks. And it requires considerable effort to undo a poor first impression.

Think about this way, your business’ website is likely where the majority of first impressions are being made concerning your business.

How people perceive your business’ website is how many will perceive your entire business as a whole! And this is just another reason why your website is your most important marketing tool.

Want to make a great first impression? According to Google, websites with low visual complexity were perceived as highly appealing.5

The key takeaway here is simple: make sure your website’s design simple and straightforward.

4. Cost-effective


Considering just how important a website is to your business, it is shocking how inexpensive it is to build a great website.

Just another reason why it’s your business’ most important marketing tool.

Here is just a small list of items that will cost most businesses more each month than a professionally built website:

  • Utility bills (heating, water, electricity, etc.)
  • Staff dinners and lunches
  • Gas mileage reimbursements
  • Professional fees (accounting, lawyers, etc.)
  • Travel and meeting expenses
  • Maintenance, upkeep, and janitorial costs
  • Office/ministry administration costs
  • Rent/mortgage
  • Property taxes
  • Internet/cable/phone
  • Insurance
  • And more…

No doubt about it, a website is one of the highest return-on-investment properties your business can possess.

In light of the return that a website can bring, a website really is an incredibly small price to pay. Your website will be your business’ primary platform for being discovered and making first impressions.

On the other hand, if you look at your business’ monthly expenses, you’ll be able to easily identify dozens of recurring costs that – while perhaps necessary – don’t contribute nearly as much to your overall sales, profit, brand, and operations as a great website does.

5. Quick & easy to change

In my experience, most businesses have a deep love for print marketing and traditional marketing efforts. Newspaper, radio, billboards, direct mail, etc.

Frankly, too many businesses see print material as their most important marketing tool.

But printed materials have one fatal flaw to them: permanency.

Once something is printed, it’s permanent. Sure, you can print it again. But that will cost twice as much and take twice as much time.

Printed material is permanent. Websites are quick & easy to change.

Of course, mistakes happen, and here are just a few that I have gathered from businesses over the years:

    • A fitness bootcamp signup with the wrong year printed on the postcard
    • A brochure with a promotion for the “Panty” cafe instead of the “Pantry” cafe
    • A direct mail promo (sent to thousands of homes) where a local politician was introduced to the neighborhood as “Derbie” instead of “Debbie
    • An event promotion that directed people to a website that was not owned by the organisers.

To make a point, I could write an entire article simply documenting amusing print mistakes in promotions (and yes, it would be funny).

But the takeaway is this, print materials are unforgiving. If you make a mistake, it’s right there printed in black and white (or color). And the only way to fix it is to print it all over again.

Mistakes happen! They’re unavoidable!

Fortunately, a website (like all digital entities) is entirely forgiving. When mistakes are made, they can be corrected in a matter of seconds – without any additional cost incurred.

Most changes on a website – whether it be a fix for an embarrassing mistake or simply a small update – are fast and easy.

6. Always accessible

The office closes at five. The print promotion ended up in the trash. The Instagram story has long been forgotten.

But when a potential customer needs information, they can always find it on your website. At 11 PM from the comfort of their own bed. Or at 10 AM while sitting in the break room.

Sure, you and your staff cannot work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week…but your website can.

Why is your website your most important marketing tool?

Well, for most businesses, the website is the only entity that is always accessible.

A potential new customer can always find the information they need concerning pricing, services, locations, event times, and directions.

One way to say it is this, “With a website, your porch light is always on welcoming people in – you never have to turn anyone away.”

7. It’s just easier this way

There’s a reason that Google processes more than 50,000 searches every single second.

And there’s a reason more than 50,000 GB of Internet traffic is served every single second.6

Finding answers by visiting websites online is simply the easiest and most convenient way to find information and get answers to questions that we have. There is no comparison. There is no competition.

Websites are the absolute most important marketing tool we have at our disposal.


Your website is the frontline for your entire business. It’s where first impressions are formed. It’s how you get discovered. It’s wildly cost-effective. It’s quick and easy to change. It’s always accessible. It’s where potential customers are introduced to you. And it’s where existing customers can find the information they need.

Your website can facilitate online bookings for your services. It can accept payments for your producst. It’s the hub for information about your services, business locations, your team details, phone numbers, email addresses, maps & directions, and more!

Your website is the most important marketing and outreach tool you have at your disposal. Spend money on it. Update it. Prioritize it. It’s one of the most important entities you have.

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