An Introduction To The Team | Creative Juices Podcast | #0

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Welcome to the very first Creative Juices Podcast! Meet the Creative Juices team & hear about how their journey has informed their approach to the online space & how that can help you.

What’s In This Episode?

  • Introduction (0:15)
  • The purpose of Creative Juices (2:13)
  • Julian’s story (3:45)
  • Emily’s story (5:45)
  • The business behind Creative Juices (6:53)
  • Josh’s story (8:02)
  • The 4 Pillars of Online Strategy (10:05)
The Transcript

The Transcript

This is the creative juices podcast and we are so glad you have found us here on this episode we introduce you to the crew and we talk through what we have learned through our journey and how that can help you welcome to creative juices this is the show where we help you feel personally confident about your online presence. I’m your host Josh and I am joined today by the chief man Jules. Hey. And also Em the third musketeer we’re like the three musketeers of online presence and so we’re super excited about creative juices this is the pilot episode episode triple zero or double zero just super exciting zero yeah super exciting and time coming been a long time coming and so this this episode is also kind of like a reference episode and so if you’re joining us from a future episode hello it’s great to have you here welcome yeah so what we are going to be speaking a little bit today about ourselves who we are our journey and here’s the thing we understand how confusing and how intimidating the online space is I mean what’s that what’s the buzzword at the moment digital marketing it’s a what even is that you tell me does it well I don’t know I guess that’s what we’re going to be discussing something on the internet something on the internet the digital marketing what really is that there’s there’s the magic pill SEO that will make everything better the thing that everyone says they know about but actually doesn’t know about but in their social media and then there’s your website there’s so many things in the Google the Google there’s the Google and so we’ve found that everyone thinks they know about everything but when it comes down to it everyone is blurry everyone’s confused no one is confident and so let’s recap everyone’s confused the audience is confused you’re confused no one’s clear on anything in this whole online space so that’s where creative juices comes in yeah because we want you to feel confident about your online presence and so jaws chief man what’s the purpose behind creative juices and how did you get to the decision of starting this show well opponent Lee it’s been a bit of a journey for me but um I guess at the core of it over my years of experience I just found that as clients came across my desk and and we started chatting more and more I found that there was like this common thread and a lot of people were coming our way who had invested a significant amount of money into digital marketing and and and really came out of it quite disarmed less they had no idea what they were doing they were more confused than when they invest that money and I just felt like they were getting taken advantage of and so I guess I made it a bit of a mission to go I’m not going to be like that I want to offer something that sound or be that kind of I don’t know light in the situation and clarity around it so and I just wanted to help them out and help fix their problems and yeah yeah because the industry is a bit of a cutthroat one well it can be quite confusing and there’s a lot of buzz language and you know there’s so much broadness around everything yeah and so I guess creative juices just to cut through all of that yeah that’s it so you’re talking about um you mentioned that you’ve been working through it and you’ve got clients and stuff so you know tell us a little bit about that journey like wait where did you start how what’s your experience with all of this yeah okay well I started back in 2004 originally from New Zealand and worked in an advertising agency called Ogilvy for six years and I originally I started out as a Mac operator um and a graphic designer and mostly around like the print and design side of things so making those filthy catalogs and junk mail that you got into the litter box every week that was me I apologize in advance using Comic Sans hey you know what’s 2004 and so yeah thanks progress was there for six years and then I moved over to oddly for those of you who aren’t que way that is Australia and yeah I landed a job at a wine distribution company doing the direct mail marketing so again still print stuff and then yeah they actually had a bunch of redundancies made half the company redundant tough times 2008 recession it was also back in that and so anyway I decided to go home and learn all about websites and I was quite interested in applying my design skills to websites and and it’s pretty much being like that ever since so that was 2012 that I got digging into that and yes Here I am here you are do marketing awesome doing the creative juices podcast yes great so we know a bit about your story yep now um and the other part of the creative juices crew em and you’ve you’ve been around the industry for a while but in a different kind of capacity you’ve you’ve you’re actually in the blogosphere as a blog on yes right and so tell us a little bit about your journey and how that landed you here yeah so I started blogging a few years ago off the back of an overseas trip um that Julian and I took we’re married yeah and so I started that a few years ago and kind of by accident I started getting traffic from Google and so that just kind of kick started my journey into SEO and rankings and seeing how I could utilize traffic from Google to ya grow my blog really and in recent time kind of more move to that looking into SEO for local business so that side of things a bit more which is kind of what I’m doing more at Newcastle creative Co now yeah so you mentioned our new cast creative Co and that’s actually where this whole creative juices podcasters come from and we’re all we’re all at Newcastle creative code which is amazing hello have you been here for well it’s 2019 and I’ve been here for about a year and a half now sounds good and NCC actually started in what you well I think it was only April 2018 last year April 28th a year and so this really lodged officially there’s only been a quick journey but what’s his experience a quick journey and yet incredible growth incredible exponential quite scary exponential and we’ve and we’d found so often that with at NCC at new cost creative code but this is where a lot of what we’re talking about on the creative juices podcast has come from yeah we’ve got a client after client who have been in your words being taken advantage of yeah ends and they have no idea what they’ve thrown their thousands of dollars at and we want to come in and clarify it no I mean like you’ve got experience with that right like you your what’s your role you’re more involved in yeah so I’m currently at NCC I’m in the role of paid SEO so more paid Google ads and I pretty much in the guy you know when you’re talking about like Nike sneakers and then the next day on Google and Facebook Nike steeped sneakers that’s me inside that’s what I’m involved in when I was dancing saved money my experiences is very unconventional yeah unlike you Julian I didn’t really do any University training I judge man well I did five weeks I did five weeks in marketing in university yeah and then I decided after looking through it all that this the whole marketing in university is so outdated doing exactly and it’s kind of what we’re talking about that like everything’s everything changes so everything’s okay everything changes so quick yeah and I found I actually went into the travel industry yeah after that and I ended up as well as being a travel consultant I ended up taking care of with a website in their social media and I saw so many travel agencies and other companies in different industries yeah invest so much money in radio yeah anyway and remarketing traditional mediums there’s a place for that but if you’re in the university in that you’re missing out on such a big opportunity yeah oh sure and so I just found myself wherever I went falling into that role and then he poached me and Here I am I saw Lucy and so what one thing that’s all about journeys I guess one of the things that have guided us when it comes to NCC because creative code and the whole online strategy yeah um out of all of the feedback and all of the experience and the combined um thought of everyone involved we’ve come up with these four pillars yeah that actually direct an entire online strategy yeah exactly and the it’s a bit jargony I guess but I guess to briefly explain it you’ve got youth buicks or user experience which is a little bit of a buzzword I suppose at the moment in the industry but that’s around design you know functionality basically what the user experiences well when they get to your website and I think if user has a good experience then you know that often leads to either a sale or whatever they can and so that’s the next pillar which is conversion optimization so strong call to actions whatever that looks like for your business if it’s booked online or call us or whatever that is so that’s conversion optimization that’s the thing that really turns that user into a conversion and makes you money yeah ultimately having your website working for you and not against you and those are kind of connected because oh it’s holy that if it usually gets onto a website and the next step or the book an outline or what they’re actually looking for it’s clear yeah then they will convert or become a lead or become a client which is the conversion optimization 914 yeah but they are saying that if your user lands on your website and their website takes like 20 seconds to load they just don’t stick around so that’s where the performance side and security side of things comes in and that’s the third pillar so working on making sure that your website loads quickly so that users who are super patient these days can get to where they need to be really really fast well then how do they actually find the website in the first place that’s all about SEO and it’s all about there’s people out there your customers are out there but how well can they find you and your website yeah how does that happen so what does a CEO stand for I sense the search engine optimization so it’s about getting your business to show up in Google or your website or whatever form of digital presence you have oh cool yeah getting it on the first page of Google yeah that’s good to do online visibility connect the girl yeah because if you’re not visible online then no one’s gonna get to your website no one’s going to have a good experience no one’s going to convert yeah which means you ultimately lose and you know obviously in that case your website’s not working for you and so that’s that’s kind of something that new cars creative code that we talk about is your website working for you or against you and then with creative juices we’ve we’ve come in we’ve got we want to help clarify to you the audience all of those little buzzwords all of those things that people say you need but you have no idea about like what is that yeah and so the creative juices podcast is is about clarifying that it’s about helping you feel confident about your online presence and and it may even go further than that it’s yes it’s a whole range of things that we’re going to be talking about and so it’s about providing value and about providing a bit of clarity around some of these words for you the audience so that you can actually win and the ultimate goal so that your business can actually make money because there’s so many people who just have a pretty website and leave it at that yeah but a pretty website without conversion optimization a pretty website that doesn’t get clients what’s the point yeah what’s the point and so that’s that’s what they create that’s what creative juices is all about yeah and so this show we’re going to be releasing regular episodes again this is episode zero the pilot episode you know I understand and so we want to thank you audience for for listening on to episode zero if you’ve joined us from a future episode thank you so much for supporting us and listening to the podcast it is it is awesome to have you back right at the beginning episode zero and then our next episode episode one we are actually going to be revealing those four key principles that should direct your entire online strategy which are the four pillars that we’ve been talking about and we’re going to do a deep dive into every single one of those pillars which will form the foundation of your strategy so we’ll see it sounds episode 1 see you next tima

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