Email Marketing: Improve your Open Rate with One Quick Tip

Do you want to improve your open rate and click-through rate of your emails? I’m sure the answer is yes! Whether you run a business, have a blog or another venture, email marketing is an important and necessary part of your growth strategy.

There’s so much advice out there on email marketing strategy, funnels, nurturing sequences and what not, it can sometimes get a little overwhelming.

So this post is dedicated to a small hack you can add to your emails that is guaranteed to improve your engagement! You may or may not have tried it before – it’s A/B testing.

This little ConvertKit feature takes 30 seconds to implement and can give you surprisingly good results! You can improve your open rate and click-throughs in such a simple way.

How A/B Testing Works to Improve your Open Rate

A/B testing is a method of writing out two different headlines for the one email. When you send out your email to your subscribers, ConvertKit will test out your two headlines. They do this by sending version A to 15% of your list and Version B to 15% of your list.

Four hours later, the email headline that receives the best engagement will be sent to the remaining 70% of your email list.

To show you that this actually works, I personally thought I knew which headlines would be best for my emails. But by testing this feature out on my own list I was able to increase my open rate by around 10-15%! It dramatically increased my click-throughs too! Surprisingly, the headlines I thought would work best didn’t always perform best.

Here’s an example below of a winning headline that got way more click-throughs:

AB test results from ConvertKit | Newcastle Creative Co

That’s the great thing about A/B testing. It takes little effort to see an increase in your opens and click-throughs, just by adding in a secondary headline option.

And honestly, it is so simple that it’s something I’ll be using for all my future emails! Because why not give yourself the best chance of people reading your content, clicking through to your site and even making conversions.

ConvertKit’s A/B testing is also geared towards getting click-throughs. So even if slightly more people open your email with version A, if version B gets higher click-throughs, that’s the winning headline.

As nice as it is to have people read your emails, you most likely send them out so you can point people towards something on your website. After, all, your website really is your best marketing tool.

How to Use ConvertKit’s A/B Testing Tool

To try out A/B testing, create a new broadcast email in ConvertKit. When you compose your email, to the right of the headline box, you’ll see an ‘A/B’ icon. Click this icon to create a second headline box, and get creative with your headlines!

Where to try out A/B testing in ConvertKit | Newcastle Creative Co

Some options for different headline testing include:

  • Adding the subscriber’s name in the headline
  • Using emojis
  • Phrasing your headline as a question
  • Adding numbers and figures to create interest
  • Pique curiosity with promising headlines

If you’re interested in trying A/B testing, get a free trial of ConvertKit and test out their easy to use email marketing features for yourself!

How to use AB testing to increase your open rate and click-throughs - It's easy! | Newcastle Creative Co
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