FAQs That Rank On Google & Convert | Creative Juices Podcast | #29

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Today we talk about how to write FAQs that help you rank on Google and convert visitors.

What’s In This Episode?

  • Why? To provide helpful content that address hesitations (1:50)
  • Why? Boost your website’s rankings in search (3:55)
  • Why? Other reasons (8:00)
  • Tip #1: Answer the RIGHT, specific questions (9:15)
  • Tip #2: Be clear, concise, and factual (14:20)
  • Tip #3: Have a clear Call To Action (15:55)
  • Tip #4: Update over time (17:05)
  • Tip #5: Offer Live support (19:17)
  • Tip #6: FAQs should never replace genuinely useful content (21:18)
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