How using Social Media Influencers can help reach new audiences for your business & brand

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What & who are ‘Social Media Influencers’ I hear you ask..? An influencer is a term used to describe another business, digital platform or individual who has a built a unique loyal following on their own social media platforms. Businesses, especially those selling a product (and let’s be honest aren’t we all), capitalise on the said influencers audiences to widen their own customer base. The influencers have ‘pull power’ and can persuade loyal followers to visit particular stores or buy that new fancy product. Ultimately, they then become a new customer of your business.

For example, if a fitness influencer on Instagram is raving about a new protein powder… It must be good – and look she has even offered us a 10% code to use for 24 hours at the checkout. Value for money, right?

Do influencers always work?

Yes and No.

Here’s a quick few things to do before you give away any freebies or pay money for an influencers post;

1. Do they fit within your brand?
For example; If you are a fruit and vegetable online store you might think about the following questions:
– Are their followers health conscious or are they groceries buyers within a household?
– Are they likely to be an online shopper, do they like convenience?
– Is their audience in your delivery area? There is no point working with an influencer whose audience is predominantly in Brisbane if you only sell in Newcastle.

2. How real are their followers?
There are plenty of platforms that allow you to buy followers. These followers are not likely to convert. Identifying the engagement of the interaction against the total number of followers is a good way to tell if an influencer has ghost followers (ghost followers are fake followers). Additionally, never be afraid to ask for their data. Consider your own target market and make sure the demographics and gender of that influencer’s followers matches your own. Things like, finding out how many views over a 24-hour period they get on one Instagram story would be beneficial.

3. Implement something trackable
Set a unique discount code specific to the Influencer. For example: TONY20 = 20% off for all Tony’s followers. Measure the return on Investment (ROI) against what TONY charges you.

Do influencers cost money?

Yes, often influencers want something in return to expose your business and/or product to their audience.

Sometimes they have spent years building that audience through countless hours on YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and/or snapchat (Yes Snapchat has lost engagement since Instagram stories were introduced, except for those influencers that have huge audiences and still talk to the masses). It is important to understand that they are a business and you should be approaching them the same you would as any other external digital platform.

What you don’t want

Give the influencer enough product information and guidelines for their post to ensure their experience is amazing! There is nothing worse than getting an influencer to a café, e.g. for a free meal, then have them post poorly on that meal and/or the service – this is the opposite to what you want.

Where do we come in?

So what influencer do you need for your business to drive engagement, traffic and sales? And how do you track the ROI? Leave it to us. We can do it all for you so you can get back to what you do best! We have a long list of appropriate influencers that we have tested and analysed right under our noses. You won’t need to do a thing.

Collaborate with us and we will make sure you get the right fit.

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