Increasing Local Search Engine Visibility For Your Business | Creative Juices Podcast | #2

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97% of all consumers search for local organizations online and you should be the first result! We share some SEO practices to help you rank locally.

What’s In This Episode?

  • What is SEO? (0:40)
  • What is local SEO? (2:55)
  • Google My Business (3:50)
  • Add Local Schema (7:55)
  • Create Valuable Local Content (10:00)
  • Backlink to other Local Businesses (12:27)
  • Separate Local Pages (14:12)
  • Actionable Tips (15:45)

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The Transcript

The Transcript

we all want our website to appear at the top of every relevant Google search right 97 percent of all consumers search for local organizations online and you should be the first result the issue is how do you achieve that that’s where local SEO comes in and that’s what we’re talking about today [Applause] welcome to creative juices the show where we help you feel personally confident about your online presence I’m your host Josh and today I’m joined by MI hey Josh how you doing doing great em so here’s a buzzword that everyone uses but no one knows about SEO uh-huh and what is SEO well SEO stands for search engine optimization and it’s basically the process of making tweaks and optimizing your website to get it to show up in search results such as in Google or Yahoo or whatever search engine you like okay so it’s about ranking right yeah exactly so SEO determines how how Google ranks your site in a search so when I search up something let’s say best doughnuts in the Bay Area then the first one that comes up that generally has good SEO yeah that would be the top ranking one oh okay so SEO is is it a long term thing is it a short term thing yeah SEO is ongoing so some people might think it’s a set and forget or i optimize my website once and then it’s done but it’s actually a long term thing so something that you can add on and improve on over time to your website and it’s something that your website will gain authority over time so that includes like the traffic that gets directed to it the links that go to it all of that gets improved over time so SEO is a really long-term kind of concept yeah okay so this what we’re talking about today is organic SEO so there is also paid SEO which is comes in the form of Google ads and that kind of thing which is more of a short-term band-aid a kind of option to bring traffic to your site but the organic SEO it’s a long term thing so we all want to rank first and the world of SEO is gigantic but there are certain aspects of SEO that are more beneficial than others right I mean if he can implement all of it and understand all of it awesome go ahead yeah but but the thing is is that most businesses are local businesses and so 46 percent of all Google searches are local and according to Google 50 percent of local searches result in an in-store visit within 24 hours that’s massive so so what we’re talking about today is local SEO for local businesses it’s it’s the most beneficial thing for the majority of most businesses right yeah that’s right so where do we start with local SEO and well let’s just look at it like this so SEO absolutely any website can do they can make tweaks to their website and get it ranking in Google but local SEO really refers to websites that want to show up to a specific geographic location in search so there’s over and above regular SEO there’s not um there’s extra tweaks that you can do to your website to get it showing up in more local searches as well yep so like so so for example my donut shop from the Bay Area yeah I want people to search up Donuts in the Bay Area and I want my Bay Area donut shop to show up first exactly so it’s that geographical region ok so what’s what’s one thing that can get us started um so maybe we should look at your Google my business account yeah why not um so your Google my business account is like a free tool that Google’s provided for businesses to actually help them rank in search results which is awesome and you may have noticed if you’re doing a local search in Google that there might be like a map that shows up at the top of the search or like a list of local businesses and that they are right at the top of search results is where your Google my business profile shows and so it’s really important to optimize profile because that’s what’s showing right at the top of search results for local searches in map packs and things like that so your websites one thing but your Google my business account is another and that’s really important to optimize so it shows up in the map pack yeah it is like if I google again my donut shop Josh’s Donuts or if I can say goo if I say Donuts near me then the map bat mother map pack will show up my business on a map on Google Maps right yeah and then it also shows up on the side usually and it comes up with like my business name it comes up with reviews website directions all of that kind of thing yeah so on desktop your listing will come up on the side if someone searches directly for Josh’s Donuts that’s where I will show um but if someone’s just searching say for example on mobile donuts near me then that map view will come up right at the top there and I want to show up top yes so how do I ensure that my Google my business account in the map pack shows up first yeah well there’s a few things you can do for your account if you haven’t claimed your account already you’ll need to do that and then you just really want to make sure that all your details are correct and that you maintain your account and fill out as much information as possible so that could include your opening hours photos of your business or your product and make sure they’re real photos yes not stock images yes we talked about stock images before you want real photos of your business and another really good thing to do is make sure you’re getting reviews on your Google my business account that’s something that shows really prominent you might see the star rating under your business name so if you’ve got a list of maybe three or four businesses in the map pack and two of them have five stars and one of them has maybe three or four stars straight away you’re probably going to compare those few listings and go I’m not going to the one with three or four stars no it’s like it’s like seeing a restaurant full of people in the next-door restaurant with no one in it I’m gonna go to the restaurant that’s that’s for people because I know it’s good yeah exactly so people are making splits split-second decisions when it comes to Google local searches so it’s really important that your profile is up-to-date and you’re getting good reviews yeah and a great way to get reviews is really just to utilize your current like a customer or client list that you already have so Google my business has a URL that you can send to customers to make it easier for reviews if you just shoot down an email to your entire customer database or all the cost customers you know will give you a good review and ask them just to give you a review and another tip is to always reply to every single review whether it’s bad whether it’s good every single review yeah exactly the stats show that um even if you get a bad review when a business replies to that bad review it actually works in your favor and even if you just acknowledge it and say we’re working on those things or whatever and it’s puts future customers minds at ease too so that’s really important definitely so Google my business is massive what’s what’s something else we can work on for local SEO well something we’ve been looking at recently at Newcastle creative Co is adding local schema into your website schema what the heck is schema what is game I kind of like the matrix it’s like you know what it is but you don’t that’s kind of confusing about this or do I want to ignore it and so schema is or structured data you may have heard that term is basically it’s like the language that search engines speak so when a search engine looks at your website Google’s not actually reading your page they’re basically just looking for key factors to determine what your web page is about now the major search engine engines like Google Yahoo Bing they’ve come together and created a language that’s relevant to them all that they can all understand that you can input into your website so that websites can sorry so that Google can read your website better and draw more information from it basically so information like what type of business are you what was what location are you at what services you have that kind of thing yeah things like that and there’s a lot of stats on schema so I think about only 1/3 of websites are using it at the moment so if you add schema on to your website you are in like the top third of websites currently that are using it and websites that use it generally rank for positions higher than websites that don’t use schema Wow so only a third of all websites are actually speaking the language yeah search engines can understand crazy right so what most businesses aren’t using it and we actually are in the process of building up a whole CEO SEO sorry SEO course where we go in-depth and all of that so stay tuned for our SEO course in the future yeah but the next thing is one of the massive things for local SEO is to create valuable local content right yeah exactly and so you you’ve got experience in this particularly as you you’re in the blogging world tell us a little bit more about creating valuable local contacts yeah well local content is really important not just for your website but it’s it means you can share it to a whole bunch of different platforms really wherever your customers hang out whether it’s social media Pinterest you can utilize it for your newsletter so a whole bunch of things so it’s really I guess a great way to reach out to your customers and also gain new customers or do a bit of marketing and basically it just refers to writing content that relates to your ideal customers which if you’re a local business are people in your local area so that might involve what’s an example say if you’re a health clinic or a physiotherapist maybe you want to write content about the top five gyms in your local area so it’s really looking at things that your ideal customers or potential customers might find useful and interesting and putting it out there and seeing if you can create little connections with potential customers yeah so it’s like instead of writing his and here’s some great ways to stay fit during the summer me as a physiotherapist would write a blog saying here’s the best out of no trails to run around walk walk to keep giving someone yeah exactly so in that first example that could appeal to anyone anywhere in the world which is great you still might want to write that and that’s fantastic but think about things that you can write that specifically going to be relevant for people in your location yeah and then that leads onto the next kind of thing with local business local SEO and that’s featuring local businesses and also local events that you’re involved in and say if if you are a clinic and let’s say you sponsor a sports team write a blog about it write some content about that because and then the other thing that that does is if it’s valuable enough and if it’s good enough content you get shared by other companies other local businesses right why is that good well it can extend your reach massively and another thing is backlinks so backlinks are super important for SEO some people rank them as like one of the top three ranking factors that Google looks at how many backlinks your website has so if you’re writing about your local sports team or other local businesses it’s also a great way to get backlinks you can connect with those people and say hey we mentioned your gym in our post would you mind posting it on your site too and sending us a backlink that’s a great opportunity right there so backlinks are when I’m writing a blog I make sure that I link another person’s business but I’m referencing and then that other person will then link back to my business as well yeah exactly yeah so it’s like this interconnected kind of little web that you’re building with links and go looks at that and goes well that’s great yeah it shows that your website has a presence that bigger that’s bigger than just your website itself it shows that you have an authority in a presence in the online world outside of your website other people find you important enough to link to and Google looks at that and says well that website must be really important so then your rankings go up and so just make sure that that if you are getting backlinks or being referenced from other businesses local businesses in particular make sure that your name your brand name is correct your phone numbers correct all of your details are correct otherwise Google won’t be able to kind of reference that that’s the same company yeah who is this Josh’s grownups oh yeah Allen so when it comes to local SEO let’s say I’ve got multiple locations like a business with multiple locations in different places how do I do what what’s it what’s a quick tip to help build local SEO in that situation yeah in that case I think on your website you want to have a specific page for each location so on each locations page make sure you list things about that are specific to that location so maybe have specific reviews or specific staff members you might put photos from that location everything from that location goes on the one page so it gives the best chance for Google to rank that page for that location so if you’ve got a store in Newcastle and in Maitland you’d have a Newcastle location page and at Maitland location page and then depending on where a searcher is searching from if they’re in the Newcastle area the Newcastle page should pop up and vice versa if you’re in the Maitland area then the Maitland page will pop up yeah and that’s also best practice when it comes to paid SEO and also paid social strategies as well create like a landing page it’s good user experience because when someone lands on your page they want to make sure they want to land on their local clinic or local location correct yes and so what that’s that that’s some really actionable really quick arm tips when it comes to local SEO if we were to just look at everything we’ve spoken about what are some quick actionable tips yep so log into your Google my business account make sure it’s up to date send out some links to your customers to get reviews blog consistently and blog about your local area and things that are happening how often is consistently would you recommend I would say once a week is a great starting point if that’s too much maybe go once a fortnight but once a week shows that your website’s been consistently updated in Google’s eyes yeah cool and then there’s when it comes to website and local SEO there are quite a few SEO plugins that you can install and that you can pay for one of the ones that we recommend is SEO press you’ll find a link in the show notes below and that’s it for for this episode thank you so much for listening and and just just to mention at the very end of this is just stay tuned for the release of our SEO course we’ll keep you in up-to-date when that’s about to be released where we deep dive we go deep into what all of that what all of SEO is even more than just local SEO and then on the on next episode we’re going to be talking a little bit more about user experience because one of the biggest things when it comes to SEO and when it comes to ranking higher in google and most importantly when it comes to converting our users to clients or sales user experience is massive for that and so we are going to chat a little bit more about user experience in next week’s episode thanks for listening back

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