Is It Possible To Be A Stress Free Business Owner? | Creative Juices Podcast | #21

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Stress and overwhelm is rampant at the moment. Is there a way we can work on the business without being overwhelmed by working in it.

What’s In This Episode?

  • Stress & Business Owners (2:05)
  • Your Personal Life Drives Your Business (7:05)
  • The Five F’s Principle (9:10)
  • Turn Off Your Phone Notifications (10:50)
  • Intentional Time Blocking (14:10)
  • Let Your Time Be Dictated By Your Vision (16:35)
  • Hustle Culture Doesn’t Work (17:30)
  • Reactionary Thinking Is Ineffective (19:00)
  • Sleep Is Imperative (21:20)
  • Hustle Culture Doesn’t Work (22:30)
  • Have You Lost Sight Of What You’re ACTUALLY Doing? (23:00)
  • Delegate And Give Up Some Control (23:50)
  • Focus On What Your Strengths Are (26:30)
  • The First Place To Start: Your Phone (27:40)

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