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Meet the Newcastle Creative Co. Team

Great things in business are never done by one person. They’re done by a team of people. – Steve Jobs

This quote has become increasingly true in our journey as Newcastle Creative Co. Drawing on their advertising, marketing and design expertise, Kylie & Julian ploughed the way for NCC’s beginning. With the growing need in today’s digital landscape, they quickly expanded into the world of social media, Google Ads and SEO.

Below you can meet our team of expert Digital Marketing Consultants and get a better understanding of each team member’s unique skills and talents that they bring to Newcastle Creative Co and our clients.

Newcastle Creative Co for your website, wordpress, social media and digital marketing needs

Kylie Carr

Founding Director & Client Service
Newcastle Creative Co for your website, wordpress, social media and digital marketing needs

Bev Jones

Administrative Assistant

Julian Connett

Creative Marketing Consultant

The year was 2004. Julian at the ripe old age of 19 just graduated from his Diploma in Design. With his Blink 182 inspired lip piercing, side part, dickies shorts & high skate socks he stepped into the cutting edge office of Ogilvy & Mather, Auckland.

Earning his stripes as a Mac Operator working on retail corporate giant Progressive Enterprises (Woolworths), his six years experience in that fast-paced environment would give him the skill set & reputation for being one of the quickest on the Mac keyboard.

In October 2009 he made the move to Newcastle, Australia where he worked a range of short term contracts across a variety of sectors including the wine industry, not-for-profit and eventually landing back in Marketing & Advertising.

In 2012 he decided to branch out from the print design scene and into the wide world of web design. He has been crafting his skills & knowledge in the popular area since. In particular he is passionate about the User Experience, Conversion Optimization and the Performance side of websites.

2018 saw the launch of Newcastle Creative Co. where he took all of the above and packaged it into a Creative Consultant roll. Julian is now an ultimate all-rounder who see’s the big picture, sets goals to achieve them and has the skill set to pull them off.

Josh Carter

Creative Marketing Consultant

Some say his blood is made of coffee. Others claim to have seen him transform into a Unicorn at nights. Josh has a healthy obsession with all things digital, always prototyping new concepts and ideas.

A former Travel Agent and a current Pastor of a local church, Josh always ends up leveraging his marketing know-how in every role. A true creative at heart, Josh loves to fight the status quo of all things marketing. With a love of aesthetics and a passion for driving results, Josh is always striving to find methods of marketing that look great and actually work.

In his downtime, you will most likely find Josh relaxing with his wife & daughter, partying with friends like a true extravert, or going for a surf. Otherwise, you’ll find him listening to inspirational podcasts, reading books, or studying Psychology journals like a true geek.

After Julian brought Josh onto the Newcastle Creative Co team in 2018, Josh has quickly become the Google Ads specialist, a digital marketing maestro, and the host of our Creative Juices podcast. Combined with his out-of-the-box mindset and approach to marketing, Josh’s consulting has resulted in launching businesses forward and helping them reach their goals.

Emily Connett

SEO & Content Strategist

After completing a Bachelor in Communication, Emily went on to land a number of freelance roles in a range of fields, however her true passion was in her personal blog.

After starting Dossier Blog in 2014, Emily found herself rapidly ranking in Google for her niche. This set her on a path to understanding the ins and outs of SEO, content creation strategy and whether getting web pages ranked can be replicated. Turns out it can be! She has also uncovered a wide range of methods on how to generate passive income through affiliate linking.

When she’s not helping businesses (particularly small local business) rank in Google, you can find her blogging over at Dossier Blog or checking out the plant section of Bunnings (but don’t tell Julian)!

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