Meet Google Ads Consultant Brett Armstrong

Brett Armstrong

Creative Marketing Consultant

Google Ads Optimisation
Targeted Landing Pages
Paid Marketing Consulting

I am passionate about delivering great results for our clients and won’t fluff you up with word-salad metrics when we discuss Google Ads conversions and your goals.

I dive deep into Google Ads, Pay-Per-Click research, Landing Page design and refinement every day. Together with Josh, we create and deliver best-practice, tailored Google Ads campaigns focussed on conversions.

Something I say a lot: ‘Hang on a minute…’

Genetically, I’m half Australian and half Chinese but culturally, I’m half Australian and half Trinidadian! When Australia used to play against the West Indies in the cricket it was always a win-win for me, haha!

I’ve been called a “dynamic allrounder”… [cue the dreamy harp music and wavy fade-out]

It started with piano lessons when I was eight years old, surviving public and private schooling and then an Economics degree from Newcastle University.

Straight after graduating I moved to Brisbane to round out my humanities in Bible College and then worked in administration in the private Higher Education sector. During my 10 years in the Sunshine State I also got married, started our family and opened a couple of mobile phone shops with Optus.

When we came back to live in Port Stephens, I enrolled at Newcastle Uni again to start a Software Engineering degree that I changed half-way to Visual Design. This opened the door to work at electricity distributor Ausgrid, then Optus again, and then in private intelligence investigating major transnational crypto and investment scams. In 2022 I joined the NCC team and fitted straight in with my eye for design and head for deep-data analysis.

When I’m not tracking digital fingerprints at NCC, you’ll find me spending time with my wife and three young-adult sons, fixing/renovating the house and yard, fishing, slow-smoking meats or making tracks with friends in my old 4WD – a car that miraculously came back from the dead in 2023 after being written off in Queensland, only to be found completely repaired and for sale on Marketplace in Sydney a few months later – “You’re not going to believe this! Have I got a story for you!”

Underlying it all is Christian faith and everywhere I’ve lived, I’ve been active as a church musician/tech person. My faith and a supportive “faith-family” has been central to my formation as an adult, husband and parent.

Coffee Order: Double-shot Soy Flat White
Always Listening To: New Wave Pop, Funk, Show Tunes, some Blues, Mellow Gold, and Motown

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