Meet Sitemap & Content, Website Support & Strategist Emily Connett

Emily Connett

Creative Marketing Consultant

• Sitemap Strategy • Content Guidance • Website Support • Online Courses • Local SEO Optimisation

The SEO optimisation of your website begins right at the foundational stage of a website build – not only with the site structure, which we will run through on a sitemap call, but also on a hosting, platform and software level. These important foundations can often set you up for great search rankings or set you up for disappointment if they are not addressed correctly.

When you join NCC for a website build, I can guide you on the best way to structure your site and also do all the heavy lifting of adding in your Local SEO structured data and optimisations in the background.

Given the foundational nature of SEO, from the early days of NCC we decided it made sense to include local SEO optimisation as part of your website build at no extra cost, with no hazy monthly retainers for unknown work. While there’s no guarantees from Google, we enjoy seeing a local business rank well simply from rebuilding their site with us.

Something I say a lot: ‘What’s the cost per use?’

After completing a Bachelor in Communication, Emily went on to land a number of freelance roles in a range of fields, however her true passion was in her personal blog.

After starting Dossier Blog in 2014, Emily found herself rapidly ranking in Google for her niche. This set her on a path to understanding the ins and outs of SEO, content creation strategy and whether getting web pages to rank can be replicated. Turns out it can be! She has also uncovered a wide range of methods on how to generate passive income through affiliate linking. Generating more than a million hits to her website each month, she knows how to scale organically!

Emily came on board with NCC in 2019, starting out by collating her expertise into short courses around Local SEO, Google Business Profile Optimisation and Blogging & Content Strategy. Not long after, these courses became available complimentary for our clients.

These days Emily shares her knowledge & expertise through the sitemapping and content stages of website builds and through local SEO implementation. She partners with Julian in managing projects and offering site support to clients.

Outside of NCC you’ll find Emily enjoying a coffee, likely next to Julian and their daughter Olive (whose drink of choice is currently babycinos).

Not being the ‘athletic’ type, Emily has also more recently found enjoyment in the unlikely hobby of resistance training at the gym, where she can now complete 5 real pushups. An improvement from zero last year!

If you have troubles with plants or gardening Emily can also advise on almost any plant-related drama, as indoor plants were her most popular topic in her blogging days. For those dying for a plant update, her Fiddle Leaf Figs are still thriving – despite being labelled the ‘fickle’ leaf fig by many houseplant enthusiasts.

Coffee Order: Flat white
Always Listening To: Switchfoot, Gable Price & Friends, Citizens

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