Meet Full Stack Developer Ivan Balakirev

Ivan Balakirev

Full Stack Developer

Custom code • Cliniko for WordPress Plugin Support

I work closely with Julian when it comes to debugging, coding and any custom requests our clients may have.

Our clients who use the Cliniko for WordPress Plugin may already be familiar with me, as I helped create the plugin but also provide support where needed.

Something I say a lot: ‘Please clear your browser cache and refresh.’

Originally from Russia, Ivan is possibly our most decorated team member, coming with a long list of skills and experience in web development and coding in different languages.

Julian began working closely with Ivan in 2018 through a software we utilised for websites. When our requests went beyond the scope of the software, NCC engaged Ivan on a part-time contract basis in 2021 which enabled us to collaborate to deliver great user experience & design across our websites.

in 2021 NCC was partway through the development of the WordPress Plugin for Cliniko but it had reached a roadblock. Upon asking Ivan if he was up to the challenge, he was able to work his magic and finalise the plugin for use. The plugin features a white-labelled design to match clinics’ branding, a ‘My Account’ area for patients to login & rebook plus more you can learn about here.

Through a lengthy process in 2023-2024, NCC managed to become work sponsors and are super excited to have Ivan move to Australia in 2024 along with his wife Elena, to work with the team full time.

When he’s not working with NCC, Ivan enjoys spending time with his wife Elena, exploring new places (preferably on a motorbike), and dreaming of one day getting a home on wheels.

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