Meet Certified Google Ads Consultant Josh Carter

Josh Carter

Certified Google Ads Consultant

In short, I build bangin’ Google & Meta Ad’s that drive results and make money.

Unfortunately, my industry is full of snake oil salesmen who outsource your Ads account oversees and then spruik about “how many impressions/clicks you’re getting.” WHO CARES! What matters is conversions. What matters are conversions that actually get a positive ROI (return on your investment). This is what I do.

Specifically, this starts even before the campaigns. Brett & I set up targeted landing pages that have been proven to convert, as well as accurate conversion tracking to ensure that true conversions are being tracked, not just page views or button clicks. Once this groundwork is done, we build out campaigns that are properly targeted and optimised for your target market and desired service. After which, we spend A LOT of time managing your campaigns to ensure that it is improving over time (no, it’s not like a tap were you just turn it on and clients come out).

Something I say a lot: ‘Oi Brett, you need to listen to this’ (in reference to something musical)

My journey in the marketing space began right after I graduated school in 2012, where I went straight into a Bachelor of Marketing. After getting a job as a Travel Agency, and realising how outdated the Marketing degree was (they were still teaching about MySpace), I ended up deferring from university and enjoying the Travel Agent lifestyle. However, I found myself falling into the role of building/managing websites and Social Media account regardless of job role. This is what primed me for NCC.

In 2018 I joined NCC as a social media “expert.” After running some successful social accounts, I began exploring alternate platforms that could actually impact business’ bottom lines, rather than just their follow count. Google Ads became the answer to this search, which compounded my unhealthy obsession with conversions and accurate conversion tracking.

Being able to see how Google Ads directly impact Clinics and the lives of Clinic Owners is a joy, and cutting through the manipulative ego metrics of marketing speak is a privilege. At NCC, my days are a whirlwind of optimisation, management, testing, and strategic pivoting of Google Ads accounts and Facebook Ad campaigns to fill clinic’s books. And yes, a steady stream of coffee fuels this relentless pursuit.

Outside of work, my life is a whirlwind I happily ride along with. I tied the knot in 2015 and am now blessed with two beautiful daughters, born in 2018 and 2021. Much of my time revolves around family adventures and raising “the Carters.”

My list of hobbies is extensive, but reading occupies a significant portion of my free time. I’m usually reading something theological or philosophical, but Tolkien’s works hold a special place in my heart—I’m a massive Lord of the Rings nerd. When I’m not lost in books, you’ll likely find me destroying my 80-series Land Cruiser on remote bush tracks with mates, fixing my Land Cruiser in my driveway, or immersing myself in the world of guitar gear.

I am currently studying Biblical Theology, with aspirations for a PHD. I serve as a Pastor at my local church, focusing on mentoring young adults, teenagers, and musicians, while also teaching classes on faith. My identity proceeds from my faith, which shapes my values, life, and interests.

Coffee Order: Four Espressos over ice
Always Listening To: Muse, Cory Wong, Polyphia
Favourite Authors: JRR Tolkien, GK Chesterton, CS Lewis

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