Meet Creative Marketing Consultant - Julian Connett

Julian Connett

Creative Marketing Consultant

How I can help you: I will create all of your website and all it’s content using AI and ChatGPT, then I will outsource that to a VA mostly likely in the Philippines, and lastly, charge you and absolute motzer so that I can vaccay in Bali all winter…… is something that you will never hear from my mouth!

In fact the above (popular) method is the driving factor and fuel to our opposite approach and business model. It’s WHY we have an Australian based team and direct access to us via Slack. We may not make ‘the big margins’ that some of the above do and it costs us as a business more, but it is worth it for our delivering a high quality, long lasting product that has our clients best interests front and centre. It’s also likely why we have a 95% retention rate.

How I actually help: User Experience • Strategy & Clarity • Website Performance • Data Driven Design.

It starts with Vision,  Strategy and a Paid Discovery Session. The most common feedback I get in these sessions is “Oh, I hadn’t thought of that” or “That’s a great idea”. A heads up some of those convo’s can come with some ‘radical candor’.

On the technical front it’s bringing all of what we spoke about into a clear, concise direction and plan moving forward for both business owner and user. Then applying some sexy branded design to it and handing the project over to the team to beef out conversion optimised strategy.

Something I say a lot: ‘I want us to do a deep dive on… [xyz].’ and “I can’t come down, too busy building’.

I graduated in 2004 at the ripe old age of 19 with a Diploma in Design. With my Blink 182 inspired lip piercing, side part, dickies shorts & high skate socks I stepped into the cutting edge office of Ogilvy & Mather, Auckland. Earning my stripes as a Mac Operator working on retail corporate giant Progressive Enterprises (Woolworths), the six years experience in that fast-paced environment gave me the skill set & reputation for being one of the quickest on the Mac keyboard.

In October 2009 I made the move to Newcastle, Australia where I worked a range of short term contracts across a variety of sectors including the wine industry, not-for-profit and eventually landing back in Marketing & Advertising.

In 2012 I decided to branch out from the print design scene and into the wide world of web design. I enjoy crafting and up skilling my knowledge in the never ending landscape that is digital. In particular I am most passionate about Design and User Experience.

2018 saw the launch of Newcastle Creative Co. where I took all of the above and packaged it into a Creative Consultant roll. I consider myself an all-rounder who loves seeing and exploring the big picture, setting goals to achieve them and continually honing my skill set to pull them off.

Outside of work I spend pretty much ALL of my time with my beautiful wife Emily, gorgeous daughter Olive and crazy Frenchie Coco. Between beach walks, baby-chino’s, marshmewwwow’s, Cocomelon, slides, swings and being a park-dad, life is full and fun. For my ‘downtime’ I’ve always been passionate about fitness and enjoy going to the gym 6 days a week. It’s the best way to start my day and I love the community at my local iGym.

During the pandemic I actually learnt to play slide guitar (Weissenborn) and ended up getting one custom made including some Pāua shell inlays to keep me connected to my Kiwi roots. For me this guitar is ‘my soul’ instrument. When I first heard Ben Harper playing this beautiful instrument 2 decades ago, I was hooked to the the hauntingly deep, yet playful/folky sound. I recently acquired a 1969 280S Mercedes Benz as a cross between a tribute car to my ‘poppa’ and just a mean gangster cruiser. A total work in progress, but can’t wait to carry on the ‘Sunday Cruise’ tradition down the Nelson Bay Boulevard with Em and Olive that I had with my dad when growing up. Good times.

Speaking of my soul, I am a passionate Christian and love establishing the kingdom of heaven here on earth. For me that happens on a daily basis of bringing my best for my clients, taking an honest approach to the often deceptive world of marketing, and making a real impact on our clients, their staff and families lives. This is what I consider my purpose in life outside of the above. While no longer worship leading as much as I was pre-kids, I do love to sing and back up our incredible team when I can. For me, the combination of creativity and community is where incredible things happen.

Em and I also LOVE to travel and have had the amazing opportunity to visit over 35+ countries. With extended stays in Thailand, Israel, Europe, Canada and our favourite place is Paris. With a half dozen trips to Bali (mostly to fill out my leg sleeve tattoo haha) we love the tropical feel. On local level we live in paradise at Port Stephens, but do love a little getaway to the quaint town of Bellingen, NSW and trips up to Forster to see my sister, brother-in-law and their gorgeous girls.

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