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About Active Feet Ocean Grove

Active Feet Ocean Grove is a podiatry based footwear store that is passionate about finding footwear solutions for their clients. They understand the importance of not only our activity shoes, but also our day-to-day & work shoes.

They use the latest technology including video gait analysis & plantar pressure assessment to find the best running or walking shoes to prevent injury and reach your goals.

Active Feet Ocean Grove places a large emphasis on caring about each individual client’s needs & their experienced team go above and beyond to find the perfect fit for their clients and the whole families.

The Collaboration & Results

This project came our way from an already exisiting client, Pro Feet Podiatry. Shane and Rosie reached out to us about the side project that they had which was a branch off of Active Feet operating in Ocean Grove.

Initially the site was set up to be a simple landing page which operated like that for a number of months, but the primary goal was to always be an online store.

They also wanted to include a unique selling and service point by adding the option for people to book an online consultation with a professional podiatrist to help find the perfect shoe for their needs and requirements.

No we have to be honest here. This was quite possibly the fastest we have ever built an eCommerce website before (just under 2 weeks). This was achieved with help from their already exisiting POS system software Vend. They use Vend for their instore sales and fortunately they had an API which allowed us to pull and sync some of the data to the online store.

From a search perspective, we fully customised this side of it to enable filtering by tags, price, brands and more. We also integrated the shop with Australia Post to allow for seamless and accurate postage pricing.

Now of course all the added extra bits and pieces like Local SEO and Product Schema data markups were added to help with search results.

Overall we are really pleased with this build. We wanted to make the branding and design a little more edgy, yet still keep it clean and crisp without compromising on page speed. The other aspect we love is the video walk-through on the home page (when viewing from desktop). This really helped give it the wow factor and also adds to showing the customer what they could be ‘instore’ for.

By the way… they starting making sales the first week of going live! Now thats what we call a return on investment.

Check out that Pagespeed!

Project Details

Site Inclusions

  • Custom Build
  • Vend Integration
  • Drift Chat Integration
  • Multi Page Site
  • Online eCommerce Store
  • Fully Custom Shipping Options
  • Online Booking Form
  • Custom Filtering & Search
  • Custom Categories
  • Strong Call to Action
  • Performance Optimized
  • Custom Contact Page
  • SEO Optimized
  • Custom Team Page
  • Local SEO Upgrade
  • Google Analytics
  • Google Search Console

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