About Exercise for Life

Exercise For Life has proudly been offering quality Exercise Physiology to the local Bedford, Inglewood, Dianella, Morley, Mount Lawley, Yokine, and Bayswater residents for 16 years. They use exercise physiology to educate and empower people to achieve their true health potential and to make their life more meaningful and fulfilling.

The Collaboration & Results

We had been in contact with Matt from Exercise for Life for around six months prior to him signing on, for a number reasons including he was in the middle of adding more staff and services. He had also decided to transition from his old booking software over to Cliniko and wanted everything to be ready to roll on the new website.

This was a wise choice, it also gave him adequate time to pull together the content he wanted to use on his new site. From our perspective we had our work cut out for us in terms of new site structure and redirecting the old website to the new. And this is no fault of Matt’s, he was doing the best he could with what he had when he first started the business and built the previous site on his own. But there was some serious redirection planning needed. Not to mention the amount of hidden pages and content and confusing permalinks.

All that being said we worked extensively together to find a solution that would work both from his niche’s perspective and from a good technical site structure perspective. The end result was a clean and easy to navigate website.

From a branding perspective, we needed to approach this website differently. This was mostly due to the fact that his logo was rounded which makes it harder to ‘stack’ the header in a conventional sense. So we opted into a side bar menu and it turned out amazing. We are really happy with the way it works and Josh did a great job in retaining all the vital bits of what a great header needs.

We also worked together with Matt on streamlining how his services are communicated. Paired with his Cliniko integration, this made for a killer User Experience and high converting landing page.

Fortunately, Matt also had an extensive range of photos and videos that we could use on the new site. It really helped give people an idea of what to expect when coming into the clinic.

Lastly, just before going live we incorporated Online Telehealth Consultation on the site. This was a last minute addition but so worth it for Exercise for Life.

Going live was a smooth process and all the redirects worked perfectly to help minimise the impact of loss of traffic. Now Matt and the team are exploring Google Ads with the help of Josh, our Google Ads guru, to supercharge his digital marketing efforts. We look forward to working with Matt and the team and can’t wait to see those conversions rolling in!

Check out that Pagespeed!

Project Details

  • Client: Exercise for Life
  • Date: March, 2020
  • Category: Website
  • Website: Exercise for Life

Site Inclusions

  • Full Rebuild
  • Redirection Plan
  • Multi Page Site
  • Custom Services & Conditions Landing Pages
  • Custom Staff Pages
  • Strong Call to Action
  • Automated Form Emails
  • Performance Optimized
  • Custom Contact Page
  • Custom Location Pages
  • SEO Optimized
  • Custom Team Page
  • Custom Telehealth Landing Page
  • Local SEO Upgrade
  • Google Analytics
  • Google Search Console

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