About Phyx You Physiotherapy

Phyx You Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation is based in Port Macquarie, NSW. They are a leading team of qualified physiotherapists, exercise physiologists and clinical pilates practitioners providing quality allied health services with a truly patient-centric approach focused on injury pain, prevention and performance.

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Before/After Home Page:

The Collaboration & Results

Our first contact with Leah from Phyx You Physiotherapy in Port Mac was back in October 2019. After running an audit on her original site we identified some key areas that needed updating and improving. She had some concerns around SEO and content and wanted to be reassured that we would help guide her in this as we progressed through the project.

Initially thee was the possibility of a complete rebrand, however it was agreed to rebuild the current website and build upon the already amazing reputation they had in the local area.

After working together on the new strategy for the site and collaborating on the sitemap process we moved into the content phase. While this part of the project took much longer than expected it was also one of the largest sites to date we have built.

Our man Josh took on a lot of the design process and did an incredible job at incorporating her brand elements while introducing some seriously visually appealing parts. Just check out that pulsating book now button! Not to mention, sticky columns and subtle touches like drop shadows and hover effects.

Before/After Services Page:

The User Experience & Design results really do speak for themselves. On more of a technical front, the original site was missing a lot of the aspects needed for a quality local business website which we made sure was a part of the build. With the drastic overhaul of the sitemap and site structure it was imperative that we retained as much traffic as possible once we switched over and we are happy to report that not only was there no loss in traffic, but to date it has increased! Her organic rankings have increased as well. A byproduct of having a sound and well structured site with great performance.

At the end of the day this has been a hugely successful build. Not only has the design be lifted, the technicals sorted out and the performance and security fixed. It was an absolute pleasure working with Leah and we are excited to continue to build her brand and move into the next phase of her digital marketing plan.

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Project Details

Site Inclusions

  • Multi Page Site
  • Mobile Friendly & Optimized
  • Custom Services Pages
  • Conditions Landing Pages
  • Custom Staff Pages
  • Strong Call to Action
  • Automated Form Emails
  • Performance Optimized
  • Custom Contact Page
  • SEO Optimized
  • Custom Team Page
  • Local SEO Optimized
  • Nookal Integration

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