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Note: This website may have changed since Newcastle Creative Co. originally built it due to the business changing hands to new owners.

About Posture Podiatry

Posture Podiatry is a premium service podiatry clinic in Adelaide, they are passionate about providing an ultimate level of personal care and attention for people suffering with foot and lower leg problems.
A hallmark of their service is that they seek every opportunity to enable the body to help itself, using state of the art technology and advanced therapy techniques for effective relief before relying on external aids or devices.
Posture Podiatry have a dedicated team of wonderful staff who are committed to making a difference for all their clients and this allows them to provide a service unlike any other clinic.

A mock up of Posture Podiatry's website build. consulted and designed by Julian at Newcastle Creative Co

The Collaboration & Results

We were introduced to Daniel from Posture Podiatry by our good friend Jack O’Brien from Clinic Mastery. Daniel came to us with an existing website that he and his father had had for a number of years. The old site was built on Joomla and had functioned well enough, however Daniel wanted to take things to the next level. After an initial strategy session over the phone the goals for the website became much clearer. Also the scope of the project. Originally Posture Podiatry was a .com.au site, however after some poor SEO techniques, Google penalised the site and they had no choice but to revert to .com. One of the request from Daniel was to revert back to the .com.au. After making sure they were no longer black listed we began to build the new site!

The three major Call to Actions Daniel wanted was to book online, meet the team and learn more about how Posture Podiatry could help clients experiencing feet problems. And additional CTA was added later to include a referral programme. A few other features included adding Drift chat to the site (which lead to 3 conversions in the first 2 days of the site going live!), and also to retain as much traffic as possible through setting up redirects and catching as much of the .com traffic as possible.

Lastly one of the biggest requests from Daniel was that he wanted a ‘go to, one stop shop’ for his website. One where he could call up and make changes quickly & easily which is something Newcastle Creative Co. prides itself on. One of the reasons for this was because his previous site & hosting company was constantly letting him down from servers crashing and going down. We are proud to say they his site now has 100% uptime!

The Posture Podiatry turned out to be a solid all rounder website. With strong call to actions that work, a great user-experience paired with mobile, SEO & page speed optimisations. While their were some concerns around the black listing from the previous developer, Google did properly index the .com.au site almost immediately.

On a geeky tech front, we took their site health score from 58% to 89%! And their site speed from 62 to 92%!

We loved collaborating with Daniel & the team and look forward to continuing to take Posture Podiatry to the next level of digital domination for Podiatry in Adelaide.

Posture Podiatry's website, designed and built by Julian at Newcastle Creative Co

Check out the on Pagespeed! Zoom Zoom!

Posture Podiatry's website performance report. Our web builds get top speeds and performance | Newcastle Creative Co

Project Details

  • Client: Posture Podiatry
  • Date: December, 2018
  • Category: Website
  • Website: Posture Podiatry

Site Inclusions

  • Multi Page Site
  • Performance Optimized
  • Cliniko Booking Form
  • Drift Chat
  • Contact
  • SEO Optimized
  • Team

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