About Pro Feet Podiatry

Pro Feet Podiatry is a team of professional Podiatrists based in Melbourne with a passion for finding solutions to problems that prevent their clients enjoying life to its fullest. With a focus on keeping people active, healthy and happy, the Podiatrists with Pro Feet Podiatry provide a range of professional services from eleven convenient locations.

The Collaboration & Results

Newcastle Creative Co. was approached by Shane & Rosie initially for their Adwords. Our man Josh did everything he could with the current site, but it became clear that there were opportunities being missed that a site rebuild would address.

So we began to dig deep into their current setup, looking at every aspect, from the User Experience, Conversion Optimization, On Page and Off Page SEO and the all important Perfomance & security.

As we dug deeper it became clear that we would need to implement a whole new way the user would go about finding and booking their consultations online. Given that Pro Feet Podiatry have over a dozen locations, Shane and Rosie were not happy with how long and extensive their Cliniko form was becoming on their existing ‘book online’ page.
The solution was found in a Clinic Locator. We decided to keep the Cliniko booking form on the Book Online page but added a custom Clinic Locator where users could enter in their postcode and the nearest location would come up for them. Not only that we added a custom link that would push off to that specific landing pages booking section with a location specific Cliniko embed. Seamless.

Outside of that we also created custom ‘business card’ style landing pages for each of the staff members. This was great not only for returning clients who wanted to book specifically with their practitioner, but also for the practitioner themselves to send these links to their client database.

Shane & Rosie were fantastic and highly responsive throughout the whole rebuild process and supplied us content very quickly! They even had a personalized photoshoot take place midway through the build which really helped add that personal touch to the site. Supplying supplying all this quickly helped immensely with project deadlines and timeframes.

They wanted to invest in the Local SEO side of the site and Emily added this to help with indexing and ranking. Not only was there no loss in traffic, we actually started to see a climb almost immediately. With the combination of Site Speed, UX and the Josh’s Paid Digital Marketing service’s we Pro Feet Podiatry are now seeing a solid return on their investment.

Project Details

  • Client: Pro Feet Podiatry
  • Date: August, 2019
  • Category: Website
  • Website: Pro Feet Podiatry

Site Inclusions

  • Multi Page Site
  • Sitemap Restructure
  • Redirection Plan
  • Seamless User Experience
  • Custom Services & Conditions Landing Pages
  • Custom ‘Find a Clinic’ Locator
  • Custom Conversion Optimized Location Pages
  • Custom Staff ‘Business Card’ Pages
  • Strong Call to Actions
  • Drift Chat
  • Automated Form Emails
  • Performance Optimized
  • Custom Contact Page
  • On Page SEO Optimized
  • Local SEO Upgrade
  • Custom Team Page
  • Paid Digital Marketing 

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