About Sequence Osteopathy

Sequence Osteopathy is located in Torquay Victoria and they strive to always accurately diagnose the cause of peoples pain problems. They go out of their way to make sure there clients understand the origin of their pain. They treat the site of pain and also the areas above and below. Thy also understand that no two people are the same so therefore no two treatments are the same.

They develop clear treatment plans to make sure that clients are fully in the loop about how many treatments they will require to start seeing positive changes.

You can find out more about Sequence Osteopathy here.

Before/After Home Page:

The Collaboration & Results

Timing was everything for Bec from Sequence Osteopathy. She originally reached out to us from Clinic Mastery to run a website audit on her exisiting site which uncovered a range of issues she was unaware of. At the time of the report the clinic wasn’t quite ready for a rebuild so we decided to hold off for a couple of months. When the time came she was ready to hit the ground running!

For starters they were very clear on wanting a site that was absolutely in line with their amazing and unique branding. Given that they had quality branding files and extensive brand resources available this made our job way easier! Julian worked his magic and pulled out the cool design that sits behind the logo itself and incorporated that into the background as a watermark across the site. And it looks amazing.

During the build process Bec and the team actually had a photoshoot done and were able to supply the sitemap plan that we had been working on together with the photographer. This gave them a clear direction and outcome for what was required from the shoot. We have to say, the photographs are absolutely stellar! Quite possibly some of the best we’ve seen and truly makes this a standout website.

In terms of content, the site is well written, not over killed, easy to read and flows well. It has a strong ‘voice’ in terms of their branding too.

Before/After Book Online Page:

Going live everything went according to plan. They actually moved there emails across to GSuite after experiencing major issues with there emails landing in junk mail, getting hacked etc. In terms of performance we have shaved roughly 1.3 seconds off the load time and brought it down under that elusive 3 seconds to just 2.3 second load time. With an increase of 26% page speed (to a perfect score of 100%!) and ySlow (server speed) from 77% to 96% the site performs extremely well.
The other exciting aspect is that the website is now scoring 93% in SEO (up from 77% on the previous website). Google is giving it 100% in best practices (previously 64%) for web development and 95% for accessibility (previously 82%). Google’s lighthouse test is notoriously hard for achieving such a score, so we are really pleased with that. The lighthosue performance also saw a MASSIVE increase from just 12% to 66% on the new build.

The site ‘sat’ for a few months before Bec wanted to ramp things up with some Google Ads which have proven to be very successful in converting and gaining new clients for the clinic.

Overall we are absolutely thrilled with this site across the board.

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Project Details

  • Client: Sequence Osteopathy
  • Date: September, 2020
  • Category: Website
  • Website: Sequence Osteopathy

Site Inclusions

  • Multi Page Custom Branded Site
  • Mobile Friendly & Optimized
  • Custom Services Pages
  • Conditions Landing Pages
  • Custom Staff Pages
  • Strong Call to Action
  • Automated Form Emails
  • Performance Optimized
  • Custom Contact Page
  • SEO Optimized
  • Custom Team Page
  • Multi Location Local SEO Optimization
  • Cliniko Integration

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