About Singleton Physiotherapy

Singleton Physiotherapy started with Guy Higgins in 2005 taking over from Robert Ellery (Atlas Physio) and previously Judy Crebert. With a focus on excellent personal care the clinic has grown to 8 Physios and other complementary Allied Health Practitioners including Exercise Physiology, Dietitian, Remedial Massage Therapy, Psychology and Speech Pathology.

The Collaboration & Results

Guy originally had his website built/hosted through the Yellow Pages, and after a number of years and somewhat limited success and accessibility he felt it was time to expand and broaden the horizons. By redirecting his budget into an asset he would actually own…

Our journey actually started with Guy through a Facebook group. Guy had reached out to the online community with some questions around different options for websites. One of which was a ‘cheap’ package that promised fast turn around (built in less than a week). Immediately our alarm bells started to ring, and it didn’t take much digging through a few of the sites they had built to find the holes in them.

This ultimately lead to a discussion on what would be best for Guy and his practice in Singleton, NSW. After a few phone calls to discover his wish list, we settled on an EXPANSIVE and robust new website consisting of over 50 custom pages! He knew he wanted to target people with specific services & conditions they suffered from, so we set up individual conversion optimized landing pages to accomodate.

We also continued the conversion optimization by adding Tidio Chat. An awesome chat plugin that guy upgraded to include more automated bots and responses.

On a design front, Guy was keen to get some photo’s of his amazing clinic and staff in action on the site, and let’s face it. They look amazing. It transformed the site from a ‘stock’ looking website into a personalised brand where people can really put faces to the names. Speaking of which, we also added a team page with profiles to help visitors see who they are going to be treated by.

From an organic SEO perspective the results are staggering. His site was indexed and ranked in rapid time. He of course ranks #1 in Google (beating his old host the Yellow Pages) for anything singleton physio related and also #1 in the Map Pack.

On a performance front we are absolutely blown away. 6.7 second load times and that is with chat enabled!!! Without you would be looking at 1-2 second loads times. This all helps with conversions, user experience and keeping Google happy.

Overall this was one of our largest builds to date for a clinic, but we could not be happier with the results.

We look forward to caring for Guy’s new site through his on-going Care Plan and helping to continue to take Singleton Physio to the next level in Digital Marketing.

Check out the Pagespeed! Zoom Zoom!

Project Details

Site Inclusions

  • Multi Page Site
  • Online Booking Portal
  • Custom Services Landing Pages
  • Custom Conditions Landing Pages
  • Custom Team Pages
  • Strong Call to Action
  • Tidio Chat
  • Automated Form Emails
  • Performance Optimized
  • Custom Contact/location  Pages
  • SEO Optimized
  • Web Image Optimization

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