About Target Physiotherapy

Target Physio originated as a home clinic started by Fiona in 2002, which later became Bellbowrie Physiotherapy in 2004. Serving the local community over the next 12 years, the team at Bellbowrie Physio strived to provide the highest quality of care and reinforce their mission statement: Promoting an active community.

You can find out more about Target Physio here.

Before/After Home Page:

The Collaboration & Results

The Practice Manager Laura Evans reached out to us via Clinic Mastery. She had inherited the old Target Physiotherapy website when she purchased the business and wanted to see how it stacked up. So after running an audit on the original site we identified a number of key areas that needed updating and improving. She had some concerns around her conversions and just the site flow in general and decided a rebuild would be the best way forward.

We worked closely together on a new strategy for the site and collaborated on the sitemap process before moving into the content phase. After finding her feet with it all, Laura smashed through her copy. While the intention to do a professional photoshoot was originally in the plan, COVID hit and that had to take a back seat. But it is in the pipeline to replace the current stock imager.

Laura’s branding for the clinic was quite strong, and we wanted to incorporate the colours, watermark logo and place in where we could the ‘slice’ which was taken as inspiration from the logo. Overall it all came together really well on a design front and the branding is super tight across it all. We even placed a watermark in the background of the header and footer to just help differentiate it from the competition.

Before/After Services Page:

In terms of the size of this site, it was one of the larger websites we have built. But we didn’t want to minimize the amount of amazing and extensive services her clinic offers. On more of a technical front, the original site was missing a lot of the aspects needed for a quality local business website which like all of our local business website we made sure was a part of this build. With the drastic overhaul of the sitemap and site structure it was imperative that we retained as much traffic as possible so a rock solid redirection plan was put in place! Of course the byproduct of having a sound and well structured site was the great performance gains. With a whopping 9 SECONDS shaved off the total load time a 40% increase in pagespeed and nearly topping out at 100% we couldn’t be more stoked with this. That’s a 1.6 second load time! Not to mention the 31% increase on the server side coming in at a lightning quick 94%.

This was a hugely successful build for us. Not only has the design be lifted, the technicals sorted out and the performance and security fixed. It was an absolute pleasure working with Laura. Since the rebuild, Laura has taken the bull by the horns and really taken ownership of the site and it’s content with posting up regular blogs and updates.

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Project Details

Site Inclusions

  • Multi Page Custom Branded Site
  • Mobile Friendly & Optimized
  • Custom Services Pages
  • Conditions Landing Pages
  • Custom Staff Pages
  • Strong Call to Action
  • Automated Form Emails
  • Performance Optimized
  • Custom Contact Page
  • SEO Optimized
  • Custom Team Page
  • Local SEO Optimized
  • Cliniko Integration

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