SEO Cheatsheet For Small Business | Creative Juices Podcast | COVID-19 Collections #11

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SEO is confusing and broad so we thought we would share some tips and tricks to help your small business’ SEO.

What’s In This Episode?

  • Define Your Target Market (2:20)
  • Mobile Friendly (4:45)
  • Site Speed (6:40)
  • Security (8:35)
  • New Sites (10:00)
  • Bad Platform (10:50)
  • Site Layout (12:16)
  • Links (15:10)
  • Easy To Share Content (19:40)
  • Google My Business (20:50)
  • Submit a Sitemap to Google (22:40)
  • Contact Info On Site (23:45)
  • Blogging for Business (24:30)
  • Use Relevant Keywords (27:40)
  • Use Great, Optimised Images (29:35)
  • Create Local SEO Content (31:15)

Mentioned Resources

GT Metrix
Test Your Site for free
GMB Audit
GMB Masterclass
Search Console

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