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We are a trusted partner of Clinic Mastery with 30+ Clinic and Allied Health professionals utlizing our clinic-optimised Google Ads with TRUE conversions by Newcastle Creative Co. We know and understand the allied health sector!

Why Google Ads Management?

Every business owner wants to grow their business with new clients and more purchases. And businesses generally make an average of $2 in revenue for every $1 they spend on Google Ads. It’s as simple as that…

Well, almost. It’s not as simple as throwing money at Ads and hoping for a great return on investment. There’s keyword research, demographic & population assessment and consistent optimisation involved in a successful Ads account. Plus the 20,000 algorithm changes result in a lot of time spent in research and management. That’s where we come in.

We can set up, manage and optimise Google Ads on behalf of your business so that they are the best they can be. Leave it in the hands of the pro’s (that’s us) so that you can focus on providing an amazing experience for your newly acquired clients.

Google Ads for Clinics

Get more clients & generate more revenue with clinic-optimised Google Ads.

Perfect for clinics looking to get REAL conversions & ROI online.

Ready to make more money?

Businesses make an average of $2 in income for every $1 they spend in Google Ads. (Google)

With statistics like that, why would you not invest in Google Ads? We hear you say, ‘I’ve tried it before & it didn’t work too well,’ ‘There is just too much work involved,’ or ‘I can’t afford it.’ But here’s the thing  – with an average of 2 for 1 increase on each dollar spent, you can afford it! And when you let us take care of the rest, there’s every reason your Google Ads will succeed.

We can set up, manage and optimise Google Ads for your clinic. There’s no hassle, no need to research, no need to keep up with Google’s 20,000 algorithm changes. Leave it in the hands of the pro’s (that’s us) so that you can focus on providing an amazing experience for your newly acquired clients.

Solid ROI

Landing Page Consultation

Improve Google Rankings

Monthly Reports

Trusted By:

We KNOW Clinics

We understand what makes you & your business tick. You don’t have to explain everything to us, we already know. We won’t cookie cutter an Ads strategy from another industry or business. Trusted by health clinics around Australia; we know the industry, it’s regulations, clientelle, and our strategy is specifically tailored accordingly. Just check out our portfolio!

We work closely with Clinic Mastery; a leading coaching network for health professionals across Australia & globally. As a trusted partner we have access to the inner workings of successful clinics and have direct contact with hundreds of health clinics. If you’re a member, you might even see us commenting in the private Slack channel.

Advertising for the Health Industry in Australia is unlike any other industry. There are rules, regulations, and limitations that most don’t know about. We make sure that you aren’t liable for any breaches by implementing best practices and adhering to the Australia Health Industry advertising guidelines.

We’ve been known to get our clients above-average results, and we can apply this knowledge to your clinic’s Ads too. Just view our portfolio or take our ROI test to learn what sort of amazing results you can expect!

No Fuss Management

We do the hard work for you! Keyword research, competitor analysis, account & campaign structure, ad copy, consumer psychology, Google algorithm changes. That’s just the beginning of what’s involved. Most small business owners don’t have the time to research, learn and manage Google Ads. That’s where we come in!

Once we know what services, locations, or specific areas you would like to rank higher on Google for, your ideal target market and your Ad spend, we start doing all of the hard lifting for you. This involves keyword & demographic research, competitor analysis, account set up, and campaign structure. We also set up customer reporting dashboards & install our Cliniko for WordPress Plugin (if you use Cliniko) so that you can track & measure accurate conversions.

Imagine your Google Ads are like a seed. Planting is just the start of the process! It needs ongoing care to grow and eventually bear fruit. That’s why we manage your Google Ads on a weekly basis to ensure that your Return of Investment is as optimised as possible. This includes removing high-cost keywords, refining targeting according to your conversion metrics and adding extra campaigns if needed. Also, Google has almost 3,000 changes per year! We worry about that, not you.

Google Ads are only as effective as your website. Sure, you can run ads and see results if your website isn’t the best. But when you have your website optimised for Google Ads conversions, the results are overwhelmingly better! During set up we will audit your current web pages and either suggest a landing page or optimise the current ones for conversions. We will then work alongside you with any future landing pages.

Reporting That You'll Understand

This isn’t nuclear science! So why do most people disregard their Google Ads reporting? The answer – it’s just too damn confusing. We understand this frustration and know that this is how ineffective Ads can still get funded. We give you the facts straight and tell you the impact you should see on your business, for good or not so good.

We set up reporting dashboards in your Google Ads account that you can login and check at ANY TIME. Transparency is important to us so that you can see everything that we do and know we’re the real deal. You can also request reporting and we will send you through monthly email reports highlighting the most important metrics.

Twice a year we will sit down and re-assess your entire Google Ads account. We determine if the current strategy is being effective in reaching your goals and we plan an ongoing strategy in response. We’re happy for you to sit in on the process or give it a miss if you prefer. Either way it’s part of our process, to ensure you’re getting the best return from your Ads.

Impressions and clicks are useless! The metrics we care about are the ones that result in more dough $. Our reporting and strategy is designed around getting you leads, conversions and purchases. While we do measure clicks, they’re not the most important or money-making metric. Our whole approach is to get you a great Return on Investment and our reporting reflects that.

The Most Powerful Cliniko Tracking In The Market

No more wasting money on fake conversions. In the past, the only way to track Cliniko was via an unstable method that only records general metrics, resulting in poor targeting and therefore, wasting money on people who won’t convert. But with our Cliniko for WordPress Plugin we can track every action a visitor makes on your website so that we can refine targeting and only pay for users who have a higher chance of converting.

The Cliniko For WordPress Plugin is the most powerful and fully-customisable conversion tracking plugin. That’s why it’s vital to incorporate it into your strategy (if you’re using Cliniko). The plugin will ensure we can get a better ROI and only pay for campaigns that we know are converting.

The current solution for tracking Cliniko bookings is unsupported by Google Analytics and could only kind-of measure if a booking was successful (we’ve even seen agencies count ‘Booking Form Views’ as conversions). The Cliniko for WordPress plugin enables you to track your visitors’ every move.

More than just general conversions, you will be able to track individual conversions for specific services, locations, practitioners, and more. Meaning your ad spend and retargeting just got a whole lot more sophisticated!

You’re currently paying for advertising that you can’t accurately track. With more sophisticated tracking you will be able to see specifically which campaign, ad, ad set, or keyword is resulting in what conversion and adjust your Ad spend accordingly. You’re no longer throwing money at advertising and hoping it works, you’re investing in what you KNOW works.

Slack Support

Yes, you read that right! We might use a communication tool called Slack, but our support is nothing of the sort. With access to the team at your finger tips, there is no more waiting around for IT departments to get back to you within 24 – 48 hours. You can expect a response on the same day, sometimes within the hour!

We love working closely with our clients. But we hate emails. That’s why we use Slack for our support. Once onboard with NCC you will have your own private Slack channel set up where you can ask us almost anything.

The internet changes quickly, and we believe your support should operate in the same manner. Gone are the days of two-day wait times for a response. Nine times out of ten we can answer your query on the spot. If it’s more involved and we need to escalate it, the ‘senior developers’ get back to us within half a day.

Zoom Zoom! If you’re needing to have a little face to face or want to cover a lot of ground quickly then we can of course make time via a Zoom chat. We can even share screens… ooh la la..

5 Star Solutions.

Don’t take our word for it. Check out our Google Reviews. We strike the perfect balance between clean, crisp design and excellent user experience. Crafting Courses, Plugins & Websites that are truly optimized for speed & SEO. Ensuring your site looks great, is firing on all cylinders & your business is at the top of it’s digital game.

We never recommend anything we wouldn’t use or implement ourselves. Everything we offer from plugins to our course material we ACTUALLY use on our clients websites. Results you can trust.

The team were fantastic to deal with, professional, experienced and patient. Explained the process clearly and the result is a fantastic new website, that looks clean and is easy to follow. The response from our clients has been very positive. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Julz and his team.

Esher Townsend Avatar Esher Townsend
July 17, 2020


Expert Support Team

With access to your own private Slack channel, we’re here to help and offer expert advice on how to get the most out of Ads.

Fast Response Times

Our support is fast, really fast! We typically respond to Slack support requests within hours – sometimes even minutes.

Zoom Support

Need to speak to Josh or one of the team face to face? Sometimes you get more done that way. Not a worry, we can organise a Zoom call via Slack.


Due to the variables of every business (locations, services, team size, budget etc.) our Google Ads management cost is determined after an initial Discovery Session. Our Discovery Sessions are $149, which will be discounted from your Google Ads set-up fee if you choose to use our service.

That being said, statistics show that the average Google Ad returns $2 for every $1 spent. So you’ll quickly make back your investment, and then some. It’s a no-brainer!

Your Ad spend is up to you, but we can make recommendations based off your business and our expertise. For example, for a one-location business with three service campaigns, we’d suggest $1,000 per month.

The best way to calculate your ad spend is to determine your average customer lifetime value. Then consider what acquisition cost you would pay for a client, as a percentage of that value. Then determine how many new customers you could handle in a month. Times the acquisition fee by the desired customers and that’s your monthly ad spend!

That’s fine! But there’s a reason why you’re looking at this page. Perhaps there’s a sneaky suspicion that your return on investment could be much higher? In many cases, this is true. Because many people THINK Google Ads are easy but we have come across account after account full of competing keywords, terrible targeting, & unoptimised campaigns.

Our first step is to listen to your goals in a discover session and then assess your Google Ads account in light of these targets. We can then give you a better idea of if your suspicions are correct and how we can help.

“Guarantee” is a word that hides a lot of expectations. What we do guarantee is a Google Ads account that is optimised to convert clients. However, the results will vary depending on ad spend, spend distribution, your services, reputation, demographic, population, expectation etc. If you’re a one location clinic in a small town you cannot expect the same results as a multi-location clinic in a large city. We aim to bring in new clients on a consistent basis that your business can sustain.

Although Google Ads is one of the fastest online marketing platforms to get results on there is still a “learning” period in which the Google algorithm indexes your ads. Google states that this learning period is approximately 7 days. After the 7 days we will optimise the copy, keywords, & targeting of the ad.

The process of launching, optimising, and waiting on Google to learn the ads generally takes up to 1 month, after which you will begin to see more accurate results. However, the longer you optimise your ads the better your campaigns will be so we suggest that the most accurate results are seen after 3 – 6 months.

We offer Google Ads management and strategy in 6 month blocks. This is so that there is adequate time to properly optimise your ads and keywords, and drill down on your targeting. We have found that only after 3 – 6 months can you because to see proper consistent growth of leads who will usually become lifetime clients.

You can. But before you do, you need to ask yourself whether your time can be better used elsewhere. On average, a good Google Ads account needs about 2 – 3 hours of managing per week. And that’s if Google hasn’t changed their algorithm and you have to optimise accordingly. That’s time that can be used to nurture new clients, train team member, launch a new business, hang out with your kids… you get the point.

In our experience, unless you have either been doing it for a while, have been trained by an expert, or you have tonnes of spare time to research, it’s not worth it. The amount of unoptimised accounts with “fake conversions” and keywords that are wasting money is mind-boggling.

Some of our results

Here’s a little look into what sort of ROI to expect.
Avg. Cost per Conversion
Avg. Cost per Click
Avg. Conversion Rate

Great! You've made it this far. Now time to get more clients...

5 Star Solutions.

We strike the perfect balance between clean, crisp design and excellent user experience. Crafting websites that are truly optimized for speed & SEO. Ensuring your site looks great, is firing on all cylinders & your business is at the top of it’s digital game. Don’t just take our word for it though, read the reviews for yourself.

The best experience I’ve ever had !!! Julz & the team we’re nothing but professional, attentive, and thorough with all my requests. Their creativity won me over - highly recommend xoxo

Claudia Hounslow Avatar Claudia Hounslow
September 4, 2020

The team were fantastic to deal with, professional, experienced and patient. Explained the process clearly and the result is a fantastic new website, that looks clean and is easy to follow. The response from our clients has been very positive. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Julz and his team.

Esher Townsend Avatar Esher Townsend
July 17, 2020

Julz and the team at NCC have been incredible to work with. They have been responsive and comprehensive from start to launch of our new website. Cannot recommend this team enough for the great work they do!

Andrew Zacharia Avatar Andrew Zacharia
June 25, 2023

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