Nothing will get you fuming faster than a website that isn’t working. Just like a car, there’s a lot of moving parts on a website. From WordPress core updates, PHP, themes and possibly dozens of plugins installed. The list goes on!

Like any good vehicle owner knows, your car needs to be well cared for in order for it to perform to its potential. The rules apply for your website too.

Well-cared-for websites not only perform well, but attract the right type of visitors. They ultimately take people on a journey towards becoming a customer or client. Careful monitoring of your website is the best way to make sure it’s performing & delivering.

We also understand that your business is forever changing, adapting and growing to the market and landscape that surrounds it. We want you to know that Newcastle Creative Co. is here to scale with you and maximise your performance along the way.

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Breaking & Entering

Just like cars, websites unfortunately get broken into at times. Software is vulnerable to these attacks, including the software that powers your website. It pays to not only have a good lock (SSL certificate) on your site, but also an alarm and security guard monitoring it (that’s us).

Can I do it myself?

Think of it this way. You walk into a car dealership, pick out the perfect model, paint job, extras and upgrades, pay the $25,000, drive your prized possession down the road and then let it sit in your garage for 12 months. You go to start it back up and find you’ve lost the keys, the battery is dead, parts have seized up… You get the idea.

In our experience the DIY mechanic has not worked out well. In one instance a site we had built hadn’t been looked at in over a year! You guessed it, it not only broke down but needed to be rebuilt from scratch! Now that’s a costly lesson in the school of hard knocks. Leave it with us, you’re in good hands.


eCommerce Care Plan
$399per month
  • Premium Website Cloud Hosting
  • Site Support via Slack (2 Hours*)
  • Creative Marketing Consulting (Via Slack)
  • Website Security
  • Software Updates
  • Site Uptime Monitoring
  • Daily Off-Site Backups
  • Training Portal Access
  • Performance Optimisation
  • Monthly Performance Reports

* Time does not roll over.

Is your website working for you or against you?

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Is your website working for you or against you?

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