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Businesses make an average of $2 in income for every $1 they spend in Google Ads. (Google)

With statistics like that, why would you not invest in Google Ads? We hear you say, ‘I’ve tried it before & it didn’t work too well,’ ‘There is just too much work involved,’ or ‘I can’t afford it.’ But here’s the thing  – with an average of 2 for 1 increase on each dollar spent, you can afford it! And when you let us take care of the rest, there’s every reason your Google Ads will succeed.

We can set up, manage and optimise Google Ads for your clinic. There’s no hassle, no need to research, no need to keep up with Google’s 20,000 algorithm changes. Leave it in the hands of the pro’s (that’s us) so that you can focus on providing an amazing experience for your newly acquired clients.

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Trusted partner of Clinic Mastery, dozens of clinics and health professionals. Get clinic-optimised Google Ads by Newcastle Creative Co. We know and understand the health sector!

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We KNOW Clinics

We understand what makes you & your business tick. You don’t have to explain everything to us, we already know. We won’t cookie cutter an Ads strategy from another industry or business. Trusted by health clinics around Australia; we know the industry, it’s regulations, clientelle, and our strategy is specifically tailored accordingly. Just check out our portfolio!

No Fuss Management

We do the hard work for you! Keyword research, competitor analysis, account & campaign structure, ad copy, consumer psychology, Google algorithm changes. That’s just the beginning of what’s involved. Most small business owners don’t have the time to research, learn and manage Google Ads. That’s where we come in!

Reporting That You'll Understand

This isn’t nuclear science! So why do most people disregard their Google Ads reporting? The answer – it’s just too damn confusing. We understand this frustration and know that this is how ineffective Ads can still get funded. We give you the facts straight and tell you the impact you should see on your business, for good or not so good.

The Most Powerful Cliniko Tracking In The Market

No more wasting money on fake conversions. In the past, the only way to track Cliniko was via an unstable method that only records general metrics, resulting in poor targeting and therefore, wasting money on people who won’t convert. But with our Cliniko for WordPress Plugin we can track every action a visitor makes on your website so that we can refine targeting and only pay for users who have a higher chance of converting.

Slack Support

Yes, you read that right! We might use a communication tool called Slack, but our support is nothing of the sort. With access to the team at your finger tips, there is no more waiting around for IT departments to get back to you within 24 – 48 hours. You can expect a response on the same day, sometimes within the hour!

5 Star Solutions.

Don’t take our word for it. Check out our Google Reviews. We strike the perfect balance between clean, crisp design and excellent user experience. Crafting Courses, Plugins & Websites that are truly optimized for speed & SEO. Ensuring your site looks great, is firing on all cylinders & your business is at the top of it’s digital game.

We never recommend anything we wouldn’t use or implement ourselves. Everything we offer from plugins to our course material we ACTUALLY use on our clients websites. Results you can trust.

    5 star review  These guys are the bomb. Amazing service with excellent results....what more could you ask for!

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Expert Support Team

With access to your own private Slack channel, we’re here to help and offer expert advice on how to get the most out of Ads.

Fast Response Times

Our support is fast, really fast! We typically respond to Slack support requests within hours – sometimes even minutes.

Zoom Support

Need to speak to Josh or one of the team face to face? Sometimes you get more done that way. Not a worry, we can organise a Zoom call via Slack.


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