Paid Ads Management & Campaigns for Google Ads & Meta (Facebook)

Did you know that businesses generally make an average of $2 in revenue for every $1 they spend on Google Ads?

But there’s more to it than throwing money at Ads and hoping for a great return on investment. There’s keyword research, demographic & population assessment and consistent optimisation involved in a successful Ads account. Plus the 3000 Google algorithm changes each year result in a lot of time spent in research and management! That’s where we come in.

We can set up, manage and optimise Google Ads on behalf of your business so that they are bringing in new clients at a great cost-per-conversion. Leave it in our hands so that you can focus on providing an amazing experience for your newly acquired clients.

True Conversion Tracking
Strong Return On Investment
Custom Landing Pages
Weekly Ongoing Optimisations
Live Reporting Dashboard

We are Google Partner Certified

Because our Google Ads consultants are Certified Partners with a high qualifying monthly Ad spend, we have access to a higher level of support with Google’s Customer Services team. This provides us with insights & optimisations that others don’t have.

What Sets Our Google Ads Management Apart?

Live Reporting Dashboard

Our Google Ads management provides you with a live reporting dashboard so you can see how your ads are performing at any time. We also offer regular zoom calls and quick communication via Slack so we can keep up to date with any changes to your business that can be implemented to your ads.

Expanded Insights for Cliniko Clients

Does you clinic use Cliniko? We especially love working with clinics who use Cliniko. This is because we can connect your Cliniko data, combined with your Google Ads, & Organic data to our Realtime Reporting Dashboard so that you can see side-by-side how digital metrics translate to in-clinic patients. You can also filter this data to show individual Practitioner revenue & appointments.

Accurate & True Conversion Tracking

We track and report on true conversions by utilising tracking methods that measure completed online bookings (or your chosen conversion metric). Often conversions are only measured by an estimate via page views or ‘time spent on page’ methods. When we track true conversions, it gives us a real ROI and also enables us to target your ideal client better.

Just to name a few CRM’s we can track true conversions on: Cliniko, Nookal, Momence, Splose, FrontDesk, MindBody + more…

No Fuss Management

We do the hard work for you! Most people underestimate what’s involved in running successful ads. Keyword research, competitor analysis, account & campaign structure, ad copy, consumer psychology, Google algorithm changes and landing pages – that’s just the beginning. Most small business owners don’t have the time to research, learn and master Google Ads. That’s where we come in!

We can set up, manage and optimise Google Ads on behalf of your business so that they are bringing in new clients at a great cost-per-conversion

Before we engaged Newcastle Creative we were clumsily flirting with google ad words (in retrospect we were throwing money, hoping that clients would stick). We started working with the team in 2019 and the google ads has resulted in a significant growth of new clients, in occupancy of our diaries and as a result business has boomed. We still work together fine tuning google ads and website to adapt to the climate at the time. They are genuinely great people to have on your team. In summary easily the best business collaboration we have entered into.

David Allen

Director, Physiotherapist
Arana Hills Physiotherapy
on Google Ads

Familiarity with Health Industry Advertising Policies

Advertising for the Health Industry in Australia is unlike any other industry. There are rules, regulations, and limitations that most don’t know about. We make sure that you aren’t liable for any breaches by implementing best practices and adhering to the Australia Health Industry advertising guidelines.

Optimised Landing Pages

We are constantly testing and refining our approach to landing pages for the highest conversion optimisation. We customise landing pages for specific ad campaigns so they match your user’s intent.

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