Wordpress Plugin for Cliniko

The Ultimate WordPress Plugin for your Cliniko Account

Supercharge your WordPress website’s Cliniko Appointments & Group Classes. White label your Cliniko forms, give patients a ‘My Account’ area to Cancel appointments, Re-schedule, Book New & Book Again with their practitioner. Convert more leads, fully track conversions & create an amazing online client experience for your patients with custom ‘thank you pages’!

Enhance your online booking system and bring out its full marketing potential with the WordPress Plugin Cliniko by Newcastle Creative Co.! Check out the video run through of what you get.

WordPress Plugin for Cliniko Features

Perfect for practices that want to add a personal touch. Because your form will be ‘native’ to your website, this will provide a superior user experience, especially on mobile. No more iFrames! Also our custom thank you pages give endless opportunities to add that personal touch to your client experience. Depending on how you want to set it up, you will save time in admin resources and make your new client feel at home instantly.

Make your Cliniko forms look like your brand! Just like Cliniko, you can filter out your forms for specific practitioners & locations. And by hosting your forms on your own website, they’ll automatically pick up on your website’s theme & colours. No more embeds, no more developers & coding and no more iFrames. This helps create a superior mobile experience. No more issues scrolling within iFrames!

Robust & Custom Filtering

Once Services, Locations & Practitioners are set within Cliniko, you will then be able to set and customise each form including the practitioner and location. Simply select the options you would like to show using the WP Bakery element. Easy.


The Cliniko for WordPress plugin will instinctively pick up on your theme’s styling and colour options, creating beautifully on-brand forms that are clean and simple.

No need for embedding or developers

The simple setup means there’s no need for embedding, coding or hiring developers to get started. This also reduces your risk of things going wrong with embeds and technical coding.

Stop wasting money on fake conversions. Previously, the only way you could track your advertising efforts was through an unstable method that only records general metrics. With the Cliniko WordPress Plugin you can now track every single click, every single action and every single view a visitor makes on your website, from entry to booking confirmation.


The current solution for tracking Cliniko bookings is unsupported by Google Analytics and could only measure if a booking was successful (we’ve even seen agencies count ‘Booking Form Views’ as conversions). The Cliniko for WordPress plugin enables you to track your visitors’ every move.

More than just general conversions you will be able to track individual conversions for specific services, locations, practitioners, and more. Meaning your ad spend and retargeting just got a whole lot more sophisticated!

Reduce Ad Spend

You’re currently paying for advertising that you can’t accurately track. With more sophisticated tracking you will be able to see specifically which campaign, ad, ad set, or keyword is resulting in what conversion and adjust your Ad spend accordingly. You’re no longer throwing money at advertising and hoping it works, you’re investing in what you KNOW works.

Full Google Integration

Unlike the current solution for tracking, which is unsupported by Google (gtag), Cliniko for WordPress Plugin provides full support and functionality for all Google products. Most importantly you will have full integration with Google Analytics & Google Tag Manager just by entering your account number in the settings.

Instead of using messy coding and embeds, this plugin uses the best practices that are approved & compatible with Google’s best practices. That means there’s no chance of breakage when Google performs an update.


The Cliniko WordPress Plugin enables your website visitors to stay on your site when booking an appointment. By not pushing your visitors to another site, you’re increasing the dwell time and pages-per-visit on your site, which is SEO good practise.

Form Ownership

Through removing the booking ‘window’ or frame to a third party website, your forms are instantly made more secure. Not to mention the loss of bookings via the ‘window’ not scrolling.

Compatible with Google

The Cliniko for WordPress plugin allows you to host your booking forms on your own website. This makes your website compatible and in line with Google’s best and suggested practices.

Individual ‘My Account’ Area

Yes you read that right. Now your patients can login to YOUR website, manage their bookings, appointments, classes and more. They can view upcoming appointments and group classes, cancel (or you can restrict this). They can also view their previous appointment and ‘quick re-book’. So much admin time saved.

Custom Confirmation Pages

Imagine being able to direct first-time clients to a thank you page that has a thank you video, a link to your social media, helpful blog posts or even a discount for their second visit. Custom thank you & confirmation pages allows you to associate any custom ‘confirmation page’ to any individual form. E.g. a team members specific form could forward to a confirmation page that includes a personalised welcome video from that prac.

Reduce Admin Strain

With the custom integrated appointment Cancel, Reschedule, Book New on the ‘Upcoming Appointment’ tab, your admin team will be thanking you for the time saved on managing all those bookings. Plus in the ‘Previous Appointments’ tab there is a quick rebook button for patients to rebook on a new date with their practitioner in a matter of 2 clicks! PLUS there is a Cancellation window. Meaning you can dis-allow cancellations within 24 hours for example.


  • WordPress: 6.0
  • PHP: 7.2
  • License: NewcastleCreativeCo


Install the plugin from the downloaded cliniko-for-wordpress.zip archive. Before starting the configuration process, create an API key.


The API Key is used to communicate with Cliniko, please follow the next steps to obtain one:

  1. Log in to your Cliniko account
  2. Go to My Info > API Key
  3. Generate a new API Key
  4. Copy the generated API Key to your clipboard
  5. Paste the copied API Key to Cliniko Settings > Licensing > API Key

API Key Shard

The shard is appended to the end of the API Key e.g. MS0xLWl4SzYYYYdtR3V2HNOTAREALKEYwvNHdeW0pd-au2 the shard is au2. If your API Key was generated some time ago and has no shard on it, your shard will be au1.

  1. Copy the Shard
  2. Paste to Cliniko Settings > Licensing > API Key Shard

Setup Pages

Before customising settings we recommend creating the pages that will relate to the plugin.

  1. My Account (where the [cliniko-account] shortcode will live and where user will login.
  2. Booking Page (where the [cliniko-booking-form] shortcode will live, if it doesn’t exist already).
  3. Confirmation Page (optional) – we normally place it as a child under book-online/confirmation.
  4. If you run Classes or Groups you could choose to have a separate /book-a-class page and custom /book-a-class/confirmation page for example. The options are endless!

Setup Cliniko Settings

  1. Navigate to Cliniko Settings > Advanced
  2. Set the page where the My Account will live along with the rest of the custom settings on how you would like your appointment types and bookings to be handled.
  3. IMPORTANT SYNC INFO: We recommend syncing just before switching the booking embeds with the shortcode/WPBakery Element and changing the forms on the front end. This will help reduce any double up accounts & reduce the need for merging later on.


While Joel & the team at Cliniko are aware of the Plugin and are happy for WordPress users to integrate it, we have used our own killer coding skills along with Cliniko’s API to create the plugin all while adhering to strict privacy and security protocols. No patient appointment data is stored on your website. It is only available from within Cliniko. The only data stored on the site is the patients Name, Email & Username. The patient also sets their own passwords.

100% yes. We have made it so you can ‘mix and match’ a practitioner with any appointment type. All without the need for those crazy appointment_type_id[]=xxxxxx fiddly codes.

You can also associate any custom ‘confirmation page’ to any individual form. E.g. a team members specific form could forward to a confirmation page that includes a personalised welcome video from that prac.

All the while fully tracking that conversion.

Currently, this is achieved through WP Bakery. We are looking at Gutenberg blocks and Elementor options if there is a demand for this feature.

IMPORTANT: At this stage Cliniko have not updated their API to ‘sync’ with their built-in Stripe payment system. The PRO plugin will allow you to take payment, however the ‘hook’ isn’t talking to Cliniko to show that the appointment has been paid for. We are waiting on Cliniko Dev team to update the API.

If you’re going to use this plugin, we recommend not using pay at time of booking in your Cliniko account until Cliniko update their API. We are unsure of when this will happen, but a ticket is open.

We are hoping in the future to open this feature right up to allow for subscription/membership payments and other gateways such as Apple Pay.

100% yes. We recommend doing this as one of the first steps to ensure no ‘double up’ accounts are created that will later need merging. You can sync right away and then send the password reset email separately once the new forms and My Account area are all setup.

100% yes. We have made it so you can allow customers to cancel any appointment type, just groups or just standard appointments.

100% yes. If you want to reduce the short notice cancellation rate, you can set a cut off time. For example 6 hours before an appointment and the Cancel button will not appear. They will be able to reschedule though!

100% yes. We have made it super easy, quick and convenient for users to reschedule their existing appointment. Simply hit the reschedule button on the Upcoming Appointments page, a pop will open with everything pre-filled, simply select the new date, the old appointment will be cancelled and the new appointment will appear in the Upcoming Appointments tab.

100% yes. We have made it so if a parent has created their account with the clinic under the same email, then an option will appear in the My Details and Login screen to select which patient the client would like to manage.

If you find that you have 2 or more patients in Cliniko that need to be merged, the patient will need to login using the primary email you merged to. You will also need to delete their old profile from the website manually to ensure they do not login and re-book, creating a new account hat will need to be re-merged.

100% yes. We have made a field to input your business name.

No, you will not need to re-enter the ID. Because the plugin is native to your website and you have Google Tag Manager set up, then you can simply attach ‘tags’ to whichever element of the form you like.


Whether you are after a simple ‘My Account’ with the Basic version. Or you want to supercharge your site with the PRO (coming soon) version which includes a WooCommerce & LearnDash Courses integration, we have the solution for you.
$199per year
  • 1 License
  • 1 Synced Cliniko Account
  • Custom My Account Dashboard
  • 1 Year Support & Updates While Activated
$499per year
  • 1 License
  • Syncs with Cliniko Stock
  • 1 Synced Cliniko Account
  • Custom Payment Gateways
  • Integrates with WooCommerce
  • Custom My Account Dashboard
  • Subscriptions Payments Enabled
  • 1 Year Support & Updates While Activated


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