The Four Pillars Of An Online Strategy | Creative Juices Podcast | #1

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Without a strategy for your online presence, you will be left in the dark. We give you our four pillars of effective online strategies; UX, Conversion Optimization, Online Visibility, and Performance & Security.

What’s In This Episode?

  • The problem with online strategy (1:07)
  • #1: Performance & Security (2:30)
  • #2: User Experience (8:12)
  • #3: Conversion Optimisation (16:56)
  • #4: Online Visibility (26:13)
  • Some Actionable Tips (37:02)

Mentioned Resources

GT Metrix
HTTPS Certificate (You can get this from your host)
Unsplash Stock Images
Six Steps To Optimise Your Images
Tidio Live Chat
BLOG: Your Live Chat Could Be Losing Your Leads
10 Ways Blogging Can Benefit Your Business
Google Ads
Test Your Site For Free!

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