The one item on your website you cannot afford to ignore

It’s a button… seriously. The one item on your website you cannot afford to ignore is a button…

But not just any button. Quite possibly the most important button on your entire site. For some you have this implemented and you’re getting leads & sales like the boss business person you are. For others it hasn’t even crossed your mind or even heard about it. That’s why below we are going to give away this golden nugget of information for free! So that you can start enjoying the fruits of your button implementing labours.

Before we get to the button, we need to cover a few foundational things first. This includes what is actually on your home page or landing page. What is being communicated to the user on said pages, and then is it easy to act on what is being communicated.

The Boring Button with No Value

The issue we find with a lot of websites we have taken over is that they have tried to squeeze in every bit of information about who they are and what they do, thinking this will bring in business. The unfortunate reality is that humans have a tendency to do something (like visit your site) to see whats in it for them. They want to know what value you are going to add to their lives.

Depending on how your home page (or landing page) is set up the user will either catch who you are, what you do and what you offer within the first few sentences or they wont. If you are not retaining your visitors very long, then that’s a pretty clear indication that they don’t see value in being there, and it is time to revisit your UVP (Ultimate Value Proposition). Check out this article for more information on UVPs.

E.G. Let’s take a marketing agency for instance. If you landed on our homepage and the first thing you read was ‘We are a Marketing agency with 50 years experience’. How likely are you to hit ‘Read More’ button? Studies show the likelihood is pretty low.

However, if you landed on a page that said; “We Collaborate, Create & Manage your brand, website, social media, digital & print content. Helping raise awareness, drive traffic, increase leads, sales & engagement” is far more enticing. Tie that in with a relevant image and tasteful button that draws your eye like a moth to a flame and you’re on your road to digital marketing success. The likelihood of click-throughs dramatically increases when the visitor identifies with your value proposition (if that is what they’re looking for or who you have targeted).

The ultimate goal here is to hook them in with your main headline, give a brief overview of the value you can add to them (that relates to your headline), then make it as plain as day on how to take the next step (Call to action).

Steps to making your homepage & landing page the best possible

Step 1: Identify the most value your business offers to your clients?
Step 2: Write a headline that relates and will lead into a brief description.
Step 3: Strategically place that ‘money in the bank’ button that takes the user to where they need to go (product, sign up, book now etc).
Step 4: Deliver on the promise you made and watch your happy customers refer you and fill your pockets.

For an incredible in-depth article on awesome CTA’s or Call to Action buttons and examples, take a look here.

A few Do’s and Dont’s

It can be tempting to overkill the offer or be too ‘salesey’. Unless you’re in the retail sector try and take it easy on the ‘Buy One, Get One Free’ language. Remember to keep coming back to the value you give your customers.

  • Try and avoid going over the top with the copy. Keep it short, to the point and simple. Try and avoid industry jargon. e.g. ‘We offer Javascript and CSS coding upgrades that will optimize your website’ could be ‘We make your website faster’.
  • No more than two buttons! We don’t want to confuse or overwhelm the visitor. Remember – no more boring ‘Read More’ buttons allowed.
  • Make your button a different colour from everything else on your site. Live a little and bring that inner flamingo vibrancy out.

Need help?
If you are struggling to identify or wordsmith your UVP we are more than happy to help. Or maybe you need some advice around what button to use or which colour best complements your branding? Simply send us an email, message or pop in to our office. We are more than happy to point you in the right direction.

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