Why using Instagram stories will benefit your business

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Social Media algorithms are constantly changing and now more than ever it’s crucial to get the most out of your strategy by increasing your organic reach. As one of the fastest growing platforms and with over 300 million active users daily, Instagram stories is the perfect platform to get your business seen!

Did you know that current statistics show only 10% of your followers are actually seeing your organic Instagram post/s on their feed? That’s a whole lot of wasted time on creating content, to have it reach only a hand-full of your followers. Instagram stories allows you to re-engage with your followers organically.

With Instagram the accounts you interact with the most will be shown first so you might not even remember you follow a certain pub, restaurant, café or clothing store until as you casually click through their story prompting you to engage with them again! All without a paid promotion. And with stories staying visible for 24 hours, it won’t matter what time you post it!

In addition to the above, Instagram has recently also added a story ‘highlight’ function, where you can add particular stories to a ‘dashboard’ to stay there until you physically take it down.

Some Do’s and Don’ts for Instagram Stories


Add your current post to your Instagram Story

Often people will keep hidden what the current post/photo is, prompting their followers to physically go to their feed to look at the photo and or interact with it.

Keep it fun

There are some great filters, emoji’s, and GIFS that you can play around with and add to your story. Search for ones that suit your message.

Take advantage of the swipe up option

Swipe Up is slowly becoming available across some e-commerce Instagram accounts. If this is something your business has access to, it is a great way to drive traffic directly back to your website. If you are yet to gain access, encourage users to go back to you profile page and click through the bio to your website. Add specific URL links if you want to push a certain landing page.

Connect across platforms

If you have both Facebook and Instagram accounts, connect your stories to be published across both with one button.


Ignore the importance of sound

When taking a video, be aware of your sound. You can select the sound to be on or off. In most cases opting for the sound off is more beneficial as most people watching the video will have their sound off. However, in the case you wish to have the sound on, listen back to the video first to ensure there are no unwanted sounds in the background. It also helps to add a ‘sound on’ emoji letting people know to listen or support the spoken words with text.

Overcrowd stories

By using too many slides you run the risk of your followers quickly becoming bored and skipping over your story to get to the next slide and your final message is lost.

Ignore your highlighted stories

By ignoring your highlighted stories, you may have an old menu and or outdated specials on your stories. Each week go through these and make sure they are still relevant and or edit them to keep them fresh. Highlighting your services is a new trend.

Not sure where to start or how to use Instagram stories to benefit your business in your social media strategy?

We love all things Social Media so whether you need a quick tutorial or a full social media strategy, we are here to help.

Say hello today.

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