Why you should redirect your ‘Digital Directories’ budget to your own website

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Nothing quite says you’re a true professional who takes their craft seriously like having a top notch website, Google Business Listing & social media that reflects the high standard of services you offer. Now, we need to be upfront… This post is primarily aimed at ‘tradies’ or tradesmen. Why? Because for too long you have been suckered into forking out epic amounts of money for online directory listings that over promise and under deliver.

Trust us, we have heard your complaints and want to let you know that you have (affordable) options! See we know you, we know your pains and we know how much you could gain by doing things a little differently.

The Problem is in your Presence

One of the major problems with simply using an online directory alone as your ‘digital strategy’ or ‘online presence’ is how limited it is for your business. For starters, you are doing nothing but growing the directory’s search rankings (and not your own). Secondly, those directories do not scale with your business, and your business should be scaling (if not, it could be time to reassess that digital strategy).

Thirdly, when we think of ‘the web’, it’s all supposed to be interlinked and talking to one another. If you don’t have a website and are only using an online directory, then there is a serious missing link in your digital marketing. It should be all connected. From your website, to your Google Business account, to the Analytics, your Social Media, your SEO, Adwords and blog content. When you start getting everything connected and talking to one another, then Google starts to recognise that you are a professional and will begin ranking you better. Given that you have a good SEO & marketing strategy in place.

Lastly, and most importantly, think of online directories like a Google within Google. Say you have a listing on a site that starts with Yellow and ends in Pages. Your potential customer 99.9% of the time is going to search Google for your service. If they just so happen to click through to said directory, they then need to trawl through another 100 pages of listings within that directory. If your business isn’t ranking in either Google or in the top 3 results of that directory then chances are you simply are not being found.

Won’t I just be competing against every other website out there?

Of course you will be competing against other websites (in that industry & search term), this happens both online and offline. The difference is that your competition is automatically a step ahead of you if they have their own website and are ranking better in search results than your directory listing. Statistics show that if your directory listing is lower than 3rd or 4th on the first page of Google, users will either re-search or find what they’re after in those first few listings (so it pays to know what they are searching for). Not only would you be wasting money on the directory, but you are potentially loosing leads the longer you avoid committing to building your online presence. That’s a double serving of loser pie right there.

A few steps you can take to becoming the go-to online 

  1. If you have a directory listing, don’t drop it right away, any listing is better than no listing. Until we find out exactly what you want to achieve and build you a site/Google Business listing etc, it’s best to leave things the way they are. We can assess whether you want to keep the listing after all is completed & Google has indexed your site (ask us about what this means).
  2. Have a think about who your target audience is, where are they located, what are they interested in, why are they looking for you? Jot all that down and send it to us
  3. Then have a think about what the best way for those people to get in touch with you is that works the way you want it to. Not everyone wants their phone ringing at all hours, so they simply have an enquiry form. Some on the other hand prefer the phone conversation as it’s easier to get the customer or client to commit to the service.
  4. Lastly, you should look at where you are spending your marketing budget (if you have one, which you should). If people don’t know about you or cannot find you easily, then the phone doesn’t ring and the bank balance really starts to suffer.

Get it out there

One great way of getting your website & listing out there and beginning to rank is to send it to all of your contacts (and ask them to forward it on too). One myth we come across is that people believe once their site is live then all of a sudden they will rank #1 on Google. Sadly this is not the case and you need to be mindful of the fact that in order to rank, your site needs to be deemed legitimate and have traffic being driven to it.

Need more advice?

Maybe you are looking for a new website or to increase your presence online. Drop us a line below, we are more than happy to point you in the right direction and get your website working hard for your business.

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