Why Your Website Is Slow (& How To Fix It) | Creative Juices Podcast | #8

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If your site doesn’t load in 2-3 seconds Google will replace you with faster sites. Today we touch on some of the commons aspects of a website that kills your load times.

What’s In This Episode?

  • Your Server Host (2:05)
  • CMS (3:50)
  • Image Size (4:55)
  • Heavy & Unused Plugins (6:33)
  • Content Heavy Pages (8:35)
  • CDN (9:45)
  • Heavily Scripted Themes (10:45)
  • Caching Plugin (13:10)
  • Live Feeds (15:39)
  • Google Adsense (17:40)
  • Actionable Tips (19:30)

Mentioned Resources

Siteground Hosting
Image Resizer
WP Rocket
Test Your Site For Free!

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